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Backache Essential Oil Blend


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* 1 part valerian root
* 1/2 part sassafras root bark
* 1/2 part sage leaf
* 1/2 part chamomile
* 1/4 part ginger root
* 5 drops Eucalyptus oil
* 5 drops Camphor oil
* 5 drops wintergreen oil
* Optional 1 drop each of Ginger, chamomile and clary sage oils.

Cover the herbs with olive or sunflower oil and heat at a low temperature for several hours. (See my Directions for making salves for complete details on making herbal oils. ) Strain and add the oils. Apply the oil generously to your sore back and aching muscles.

Another fun thing to do is to gather as many of the herbs fresh from your garden that are available and throw them in the pot.

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