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baby namesThe number of babies born each year continues to rise. And the first parental challenge that all new moms and dads must face is giving their new little one a name. This name will follow them throughout their lives. They will be identified by it. People will yell it (mom!), scream it (brothers and sisters) and use it endearingly. So parents better be happy hearing it!

Sociologists have come to learn that baby names are given in quite different ways across cultures. In some cultures names are passed from one generation to the next; in some the baby name is chosen from an event that happened during the pregnancy or soon afterward; while in other cultures baby names are chosen through magic.

And, as recorded history in the Bible, names also bestow meaning and often have an effect on the rest of the child’s life. We use our name to identify ourselves when we are speaking with others, on the phone, or introduced to a crowd. Interestingly that introduction is prefaced with I am or This is signifying a special meaning to the name.

When new parents are naming their children it should be done with the end of life in mind. Not that the name shouldn’t have meaning to the parents but that the name should also be a name that an adult can proudly say. Freud found psychological meaning in names and even Shakespeare recognized the relationship between name and identity.

Many also believe that your name has specific influence over your life. Is this because it casts magic? Of course not! But others who come in contact with you form certain beliefs and presuppositions about you based on your name, sometimes before even meeting you.

For instance, unless the name has clear cultural influence, there will be some prejudice against those with names that dont fit the current name climate. You wont find a CEO of a company named Christmas. The name may be beautiful and denote feelings of giving and receiving but it isn’t common in the business climate. So, although you may love the name you give your child you must also recognize that the name will also place your child on a life path. It is always best if the life path you place in front of your child is wide and gives your child many choices that they want and not what you want for them.

When you think you have a name picked out put them all together and say them out loud. Don’t forget to use the shortened versions or nicknames as well. Benjamin Dover may be a perfectly acceptable name but Ben Dover isn’t. Don’t put two of the same letters together such as Lindsay Linden. Also be careful about the two letters that meet. For instance watch out for two ss that meet in the middle such as Nicholas Sanders. The ss slur.

The cardinal rule however, is to pick a name that you yourself would be proud to wear. We may want to honor our relatives, our heritage, or a trusted friend but this name belongs to someone else. You are entrusted with naming another. If you wouldn’t want to take Uncle Horace or Leos name don’t assume your child will be happy about it either.

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