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Baby growth in second trimester

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Your second trimester of your pregnancy is one where youll see more changes to your body. Your rate of growth will increase but the baby will grow at a phenomenal rate. In fact if they continued to grow at this rate after birth they would be 13 feet tall at 1 month!

Your babys growth in second trimester week fifteen is a miracle. If this is your second pregnancy you may feel the first signs of life. Most people feel this between week 17 and 18. Your babys legs and arms have grown, his skin is thin and he has eyebrows. The capacity to hear is developing. The auditory center in the brain may not yet be developed by the bones in the ears have hardened.

At week 16 there is fat beneath the skin, his heart is pumping around 6 gallons of blood a day, they are able to suck and swallow and is learning to breathe! They are inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid that help the lungs to develop. At week 17 your baby is almost 5 ounces. The umbilical cord is thicker and stronger, the skeleton is moving from cartilage to bone and pads are forming on the fingers and toes.

Your babys growth in second trimester week 18 the vocal cords are formed, the lung sacs are developing, features of the heart are visible on ultrasound and they are almost 7 ounces. At week 19 your baby has sleep wake cycles that are similar to a newborn baby. They are developing hair and you can now tell if you are having a boy or girl on ultrasound. Your babys kidneys are making urine from the amniotic fluid they are swallowing.

At this point you are now half way to the birth of your new little one. At week 20 the rapid growth is almost over. Your babys heart is stronger and your immunities are being transferred from you to your baby. Your baby can hear noises outside the womb. Voices and music will become familiar to them and will calm them after birth. Your babys growth in second trimester week 21 shows a tongue fully formed, white blood cells are under production, and the sleep wake cycles are more consistent. Your baby weighs nearly 13 ounces!

At week 22 your baby is almost one pound. When you talk, read or sing your baby can hear you. Their eyelids and eyebrows are fully formed and so are the fingernails. At week 23 most of the proportions are very similar to a newborn, the eyes are formed and the pancreas is producing hormones.

Your babys growth in second trimester week 24 gains an amazing 6 ounces! The body is beginning to fill out and taste buds begin to form. Your baby is sucking her thumb and sweat glands are beginning to form. At week 25 the spinal cord structures are forming and the blood vessels of the lung develop. Your baby is 13 inches long and weighs a pound and a half.

At week 26 your baby is 2 pounds, spine is stronger and air sacs in the lungs are forming. Your baby is blinking and the retinas are beginning to form. Brain wave activity are being detected. At week 27 your little ones brain is continuing to rapidly grow. The response to sound and light are more consistent. The average size is 14 inches and they are almost 2 pounds.

This is the last week of babys growth in the second trimester. The 28th week is marked by hair on the babys head growing longer, eyes are completely formed, babys body is getting a bit more plump and muscle tone is improving. Your baby can recognize your voice and weighs over 2 pounds.

Your babys growth in the second trimester is a miracle of life. Their organs and systems are growing and maturing at a phenomenal rate. You are also growing. Even though the baby went from just ounces to 2 pounds the placenta and uterus are also growing which contributes to your growing size. Be careful now because your center of gravity is changing. Enjoy these weeks!

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