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Re-Inspiring Yourself (And Your Practice!) for the Fall

Article by AnaMaria Herrera EFT Practitioner, Classical Homeopath and Online Marketer Summer is quickly coming to a close and autumn is almost here. The air will become cooler and it will get darker earlier, while kids of all ages go back to school. This is also a new cycle in our businesses. Rather than approach the season as a winding down , I want to encourage you to reinvigorate yourself and your practice. So you can look back at the end of the year and feel that sense of satisfaction, success and accomplishment. Do a fall clean up . Sort out all your files and toss out all unnecessary paper work. Make sure you have a filing system that is easy to implement by you and your staff. Dust and clean all surfaces.

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[30 Aug 2010 | No Comment | 5 views]

As much as we love essential oils and all the wonderful things they can do for us, it certainly helps to know how they work within our bodies to enable us to use them optimally . The mechanism also forms a scientific basis to establish their myriad positive effects on the body, mind and soul. The aim of this article is not to confuse the reader with complex theories and jargon but to put across facts about aromatherapy in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Essential oils can enter the body via two routes – the nose (inhalation) and the skin (topic application, massage, baths). INHALATION : Essential oil particles are quickly picked up by the tiny hairs in our nostrils (cilia) and are absorbed into the mucous lining from where the aroma reaches the ‘smell center’ in the brain (olfactory bulb). The olfactory center converts the aroma into a neural code which is relayed across to the ‘emotion center’ (limbic system) and further to the ‘short-term memory center’ (hippocampus) and the ‘long term memory center’ (hypothalamus). The information is then passed on to the ‘master gland’ (pituitary gland)  and other endocrine glands to ecrete‘feel good’ hormones and  to restorehormonal balance. To put it straight, here is how it goes: Nose —-> Smell center —-> Emotional center —-> Short term memory —-> Long term memory —-> Master gland —-> Endocrine system In this simple way, the brain establishes a strong connection between certain smells, emotions and memories and responds to it in a predictable way.

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No Time to Market Your Practice? Create Practice Building Only Time

Article by Marketing Expert Ana Maria Herrera If you are like most Holistic Practitioners, you are probably juggling more than one ball in the air. Sure we serve our clients, and our patients and our practice, but that is not all we have going on in our life, is it? We have our husbands, our wives, our partners; some of us have children or parents to care for. And of course we have ourselves and our own needs. So when I talk to my clients about carving out practice building only time, which is an essential step in the practice building system, I often get a few protests. I will hear, “Make more time? I already feel maxed out. Between clients I am either answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, managing my staff, or paying bills.” “Sometimes instead of eating lunch I will go out and run errands before my next client or patient

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Want to Lose Your Belly? Check How Much You Are Sleeping

You eat healthy and exercise well but the scales refuse to budge? Sleep deprivation could be the reason! Medical research has established a strong link between sleep patterns and weight management. Turns out that improper and inadequate sleep can send your hormones and metabolism in a tizzy causing you to feel hungrier than usual and keeping your body from burning fat reserves. Here’s how a lack of sleep will affect your weight loss efforts: 1.- More cravings Physical and emotional stress is directly associated with higher levels of cortisol (also called the ‘stress hormone’) in the blood. This hormone interferes with the satiety center in the brain and makes you feel hungry even after you’ve had a meal. So the next time you reach out for some comfort food, you know what to blame. 2.- Slow metabolism Fewer hours of deep sleep can also result in lower levels of the growth hormone – the one that develops muscle mass and metabolizes fatty tissue. It doesn’t take a nuclear scientist to figure out where that will take you

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Back to School – How to Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety

Everywhere in this country, children from preschool up to college are preparing to go back to school. All that  change, separation, anxiety and peer pressure may be, at times, too much for young people to deal with. Naturally, it is quite common to find children and young adults a little nervous or edgy around this season. As adults, we can  help and support them by  providing a calming and reassuring atmosphere with the use of essential oils. To calm  anxiety , hyperactivity and restlessness : Lavender essential oil. To balance out emotions and control mood swings , over-excitement , temper tantrums and anxiety attacks : Mandarin essential oil. To help your child  move through the different transitions with ease and grace: Cypress essential oil. To ease  fear, anger, depression and anxiety : Bergamot essential oil. Create your own “Child Soothing Massage Oil”: 1 4 oz bottle of Carrier Oil 10 drops of Lavender essential oil 10 drops of Bergamot essential oil 10 drops of Mandarin essential oil 10 drops of Cypress essential oil Add them to your carrier oil shake well and use this oil to give your child a loving massage in the evenings

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Back to School? How to Help Your Child Focus Naturally!

When I used to talk at a radio show in Ecuador, I would choose themes that would provide helpful tips to listeners.  During my experience I discovered that as the first school trimester was coming close to its end, parents were nervous about their children failing the tests.  I talked about the benefits of using essential oils that not only stimulate the nervous system but are cephalic as well, meaning that they improve memory and concentration .  Hundreds of mothers tried out the essential oils and reported after the school exams that the oils definitely helped. The essential oils for memory and concentration are: Spearmint Essential Oil: restorative, strengthens memory, stimulates the mind Peppermint Essential Oil : stimulates nerves and brain, improves concentration and study Cardamom Essential Oil : fortifying, tonic of brain and nervous system Rosemary Essential Oil: clears the mind, sharpens the memory and boosts the nervous system A solution for lack of focus and motivation Based on that experience, I combined all those oils into a single product, Memoria .  I tried it first when my son when he was in 4th grade and was having problems with his spelling tests. While he was learning and memorizing the spellings, he sniffed a tissue that had 2 drops of the Memoria essential oil.  The next day, right before school, he took a few sniffs of the oil again and carried the tissue to the exam room.  When the exam came along, he was able to identify with the familiar smell and relate it to the moments when he was studying.  This helped him immensely in recalling what he had learned the previous day and gave his memory an instant boost. As a result of this simple therapy, he ended up with straight A’s in spelling. Memoria is now a part of our every day routine at home. I put 5 drops of the essential oil in an aromatherapy diffuser on his desk – this  helps him finish his homework faster without getting distracted.  Whenever he comes looking all groggy to eat breakfast, I spray Vigor Body Mist a couple of times on his face to help him gear up for his day at school. This method can be very helpful for children with ADD and ADHD and to anybody needing some extra help with their concentration. Photo by Randen Pederson © AROMANDINA – All rights reserved This information on this blog is based on traditional use of aromatherapy and it does not intend to diagnose or treat any condition. This information should not be used as a substitute for medical counseling with a health care professional

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Aromatherapy Compresses: An Effective Method of Essential Oil Application

This is one of my favorite methods of essential oil application for many acute conditions. It is very useful to allow essential oils to penetrate in a particular area of the body. 1)  Mix 6 drops of essential oil(s) and 1 tablespoon salt in an empty bowl 2) Fill bowl with hot or cold water 3 Soak a piece of cloth, wring it out and cover the affected area 4) Repeat this process for 5 to 15 minutes, as needed For alternate compresses fill one bowl with very warm water, and the other one with iced water Here are some examples: KIDNEY STONES: Years ago we were invited to a family party, the moment we arrived my sister started to scream out of pain, she had an awful kidney stone that started to bother right at that moment.  Luckily for her, I carried my essential oils with me.  I asked the host of the party to give me two bowls. I mixed 3 drops of Grapefruit essential oil and 3 drops of Fenne l essential oil with 1 tablespoon of regular salt and added to one bowl. I created another mixture and added to the other bowl.  One bowl was filled with hot water, the other one with iced water. Fennel and Grapefruit are said to be litholytic which means they can dissolve stones. [1] She was crying and initially would not even allow me to touch her.  I applied one compress at a time, first the hot one, then the cold one for about 15 minutes.  The pain subsided , she literally woke up and went to the bathroom, expelled the stone and went to dance! After the party I made a massage oil with orange, grapefruit, fennel and other detoxing oils, she applied it on her lower back and lower abdomen every day and never complained about a kidney stone again. I have recommended this method to many more friends and clients, they have always reported great results.

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Fix That Sunburn With Essential Oils

In our excitement for the outdoors, we often become careless in protecting our skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Hats, sunglasses and sunscreens are easily forgotten when there are so many fun activities waiting out there. Little do we realize the vulnerability of our skin and the damage that could result from prolonged exposure to the sun. Last week my son went to the lake and silly me didn’t realize the sun was going to be so strong! He came home with severe sunburn and was so much pain that he couldn’t bear anything touching his body. Luckily for him, his mama always has some aromatic help at hand! Here’s how I helped my son feel better with essential oils and you can do the same: I mixed 15 drops of Lavender , 15 drops of Peppermint and 4 drops of Niaouli oils with a teaspoon of salt and added it to a small bottle of distilled water. I then shook the bottle well and sprayed the concoction very liberally over the affected area. Peppermint , Lavender and Niaouli have anti-inflammatory properties and help to soothe the skin. Sun-burnt skin is very painful to touch but application of a good oil is necessary to nourish the skin and replenish lost moisture. I mixed 20 drops of Lavender oil with 5 drops of Frankincense oil in 1 oz of Jojoba Oil and drizzled it over the skin, spreading it with very gentle strokes

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Aromatherapy for Outdoor Activities

The infinite uses of essential oils never cease to amaze me. If you love basking in the outdoors during summer, I have some great aromatherapy tips and tricks for you. My husband and son love to play tennis and soccer around this season and it is of course my responsibility to shield and protect them from the heat! Here is a simple and effective aromatherapy recipe that I have always used and I believe it will be of great help to you too: Take 1 teaspoon of salt in a bowl Add 4 drops of your chosen essential oil and mix well Pour in some cold water and stir till the salt dissolves completely Soak a few face towels in the solution for a while and wring out the excess water Keep these wet towels in a zipper bag and store them in the fridge (They will keep for about a week). Use them to wipe your face and body while playing outdoors or after a vigorous summer workout. It will instantly make you feel refreshed and invigorated. Here are some oils that work amazingly well for this recipe: Spearmint and Peppermint possess natural cooling and refreshing properties. These oils can help you concentrate better on your activity. Cardamom helps in maintaining focus and keeps you alert, especially if you are out playing a challenging sport

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Summer Solutions With Aromatherapy

Enjoy your summer in a healthy and pleasant way, we want to help you! While we all love to have fun in the sun, the warm season does bring along its own set of fun-spoilers like bugs, sunburn, rashes and exhaustion. However, nature’s essential oils to the rescue, there’s no reason why we should worry about all that at all! Summer can be a lot more enjoyable and trouble-free with Aromandina’s SUMMER SURVIVAL KIT . Whether you are on vacation or going about your routine business, essential oils can help you stay cool, active, energized and healthy. For Rashes, Sunburns and Insect Bites : Cool-off your skin and your senses with ALLERGY CALM Essential Oil . This blend is especially helpful in soothing irritated or inflamed skin and also promotes faster healing of burns, bruises and blisters. For Insect Bites: Apply one drop on every insect bite to prevent inflammation. For Sunburns: Mix 5 drops of essential oil and 1 tablespoon salt in an empty bowl.

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