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(Remember that these are subtle colors impressions not a light show)

The energy field surrounding the physical body can be seen by some as radiating and filled with light. I checked every book pamphlet and article and old lecture note I could find for what colors mean in the aura and just am going to put in almost everything any one said, obviously there are apparent conflicts.

Red Vitality, life force, assertion, forcible active urges, stalwart brave, vengeful, virile, passion, drive, Endurance. Force of will, passion, vitality, desire, physical activity, excitability, anger, intensity of experience.

Maroon Stamina, strength, purpose and restraint, fighting spirit, warmth, cooperative effort, recuperation, moodiness, selfishness

Crimson optimism go getter, challenging competitive nature, eager for success, ready to champion cause, reckless

Scarlet impassioned, likable, spiteful, short tempered, volatile, vivacious

Pink sensitivity, unconditional love, gentleness, willingness to help, serves others, easily hurt, not spiteful or jealous

Orange creativity, high aspiration , proud self sufficient, direct, high minded, restrained, ambitious, not warm or sensual, wants success, rides over others, self justified, confident, narrow outlook.

Gold Goddess energy transformation, openness. Golden may mean spiritual knowledge or mental strength.

Yellow analytical, discipline Sun, dispel evil, scientific mind, overcomes ignorance, artistry, wisdom, creativity, confidence

Green growth, change, healing, abundance, adaptable sympathetic, takes life easy, teaching, Endurance, perseverance, persistence, high self esteem.

Dark Green adaptability

Turquoise Love, healing heart, generosity

Blue peace, tranquility, honesty, love, affection, communication, fulfilling the highest ideals of unity.

Indigo spirituality,integrity, psychic skills, ancient memories,

Violet vision, imagination, intuitiveness, healing, unifying, enchantment, charm and deep spiritual understanding. High spiritual energy that can transmute lower energies.

White God, oneness, spirituality, highly evolved spiritually; motivated; incorporates qualities of all other colors.

Brown earthiness, grounded

Healers often have green, Blue, or Violet in the aura, happily Pregnant women run to pastels, lovers often have a glow of Rose throughout the aura, intellectual activities can show up as yellow tones clear pure colors are indicative of stronger harmony than muddy colors.

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Dee Braun
Dee is an Adv. Certified Aromatherapist, Reiki Master, Adv. Color/Crystal Therapist, Herbalist, Dr. of Reflexology and single mom who is dedicated to helping others any way she can.

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