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Revealed – Aspects of Your Ideal Inner Health

Inner health is just as important as physical health. You don’t always need physical health in order to function. If you lose your healthy inner self, you will lose everything.

It’s what keeps us going day after day and what allows us to feel feelings. Someone with a toxic inner health system will be miserable, depressed, and completely disillusioned with life.

Someone who contemplates and commits suicide is an example of someone in this position. If you’re wondering what makes up your inner health and how you can improve it, read on.


You hear of stories on the news about grossly obese individuals who are so unhappy about their weight they eat. And their weight makes them even unhappier so they continue to eat. Exercise has the exact opposite effect on us. It releases endorphins in the brain which make us feel good.

Let’s not forget we’re organisms ruled by chemistry. A positive inner health is influenced by the chemical reactions within our bodies.

Exercise benefits us on two fronts. Firstly, the short-term endorphin effect makes us happier and offers us some slight relief each day. In the long-term it reduces the onset of ill health and makes us look better. Both of these combined enhance our self-confidence and improve our inner health.

Eating Well

Good food will always have an effect on us. We function with nutrients. They’re the fuel which keeps us going.

Eating foods filled with nutrients and free of man-made chemicals, such as organic foods, get us ready for the day and makes us more energetic. Like with exercise, they release endorphins into the body.

It’s not just about eating well. It’s about eating the foods you love in moderation, even if they’re unhealthy. These often have a bigger effect than healthy foods alone.

For example, if you had a favorite dish as a child made by your grandmother or some other relative, tasting it again can make you feel wonderful. It’s not the food itself it’s the memory it evokes.

Doing What You Love

We do things which we love and we love to do things which we want to do. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a job which allows them to partake in their hobbies all day.

This in no way stops you from achieving your goal of having a healthy inner self. It just means you have to find other alternatives.

If you enjoy yoga classes and Pilates, do it often. Take your hobby away from your town and go somewhere else. Go abroad to a yoga retreat or book a class with a master instructor. Not only will you have new experiences to take with you, you’re living outside of your comfort zone.

You might feel nervous taking such bold steps. It’s natural. Once you succeed you feel great, and you feel great just thinking back to these events.

Most of our inner health isn’t necessarily based on what we do in the moment. It’s what sticks in our minds and what we can draw upon when we really need it.

That’s the key to long-term inner health.

What is Aging?

Some scientists and physicians suggest that aging is a ‘disease’. This is not a fair description. Aging is not a disease but part of the process of life itself! You cannot reverse aging but you can help slow it down to an optimal level which nature intended.

So, how long should we live for? This is a subject of much debate and disagreement. Some scientists claim extraordinary times…200+ years. However, this is really in the realm of science fiction.

The position of Xtend-Life is that it is possible to live to the projected maximum human life span of 120 years.

To achieve this, your life has to be well balanced! In other words, your lifestyle, your diet, the amount of exercise you do, the environment you live in and your nutrient intake have to be as close as possible to optimal.

To learn more about how aging occurs and ways to slow down your biological clock, visit Xtend-Life‘s Overview of Anti-Aging research page today.

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