RespiRescue Essential Oil Blend for Asthma, Chest Infections

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RespiRescue Essential Oil Blend (10ml)

Indications/Description: This blend gives strength in fighting respiratory ailments and infections and may help alleviate symptoms of chest Colds, Asthma and pneumonia. Please do not substitute this blend for qualified medical care.

Testimonial: “My 14-year-old daughter has battled frequent bouts of pneumonia and acute cough-variant Asthma since she was a small child. Her medicine bag rivals that of most 60+ year olds. In the past two years I’ve begun treating her with Herbs and have seen a remarkable improvement. She hasn’t had an Asthma attack that required hospitalization in 26 months - before, we were on the ‘frequent flyer’ program at ER and were in there at least 8-10 times a year. Last week we had a huge test. She picked up a bug at school and within 24 hours had a croupy cough, a lot of chest congestion and a fever. Before, that always meant she’d be in the hospital with an acute Asthma attack and/or full-blown pneumonia within 48 hours. I treated her, as I have been, with herbal infusions and Echinacea/goldenseal but also added your RespiRescue - rubbing it on her chest and having her inhale it at least 3 times a day. I’m pleased to say that she came through this bout just fine, with no trips to the hospital. I firmly believe that RespiRescue had a huge part in helping battle the bug and keeping her lungs and bronchial tubes clear and functioning properly. Thank you.” -Mary, Nebraska

Ingredients: Synergistic blend of oils including Ravensara, Eucalyptus, Pine, Myrtle, Cypress, Peppermint

Profiles of Single Essential Oils in this Blend:

Ravensara (Ravensara aromatica) Action: Anti-infectious, antiviral, Antibacterial, expectorant, Antimicrobial, supports the nerves and respiratory system. Indications: Bronchitis, cholera, Herpes, infectious mononucleosis, Insomnia, muscle fatigue, rhinopharyngitis, shingles, Sinusitis, Viral Hepatitis. Other Uses: May help Asthma, Cystitis, burns, Cancer, respiratory infections, cuts, pneumonia, scrapes, viral infections, wounds and it strengthens the respiratory system.

Eucalyptus Radiata (Eucalyptus Radiata) Action: Anti-infectious, Antibacterial, antiviral, Anti-Inflammatory, expectorant. Indications: Conjunctivitis, vaginitis, Acne, Sinusitis, Bronchitis. Other Uses: This oil, when combines with Bergamot, has been used effectively on Herpes simplex. It may also help with Acne, Bronchitis, ear inflammation, Endometriosis, nasal and Sinus congestion, Sinusitis and vaginitis.

Pine (Pinus sylvestris) Action: Hormone-like, antidiabetic, cortisone-like, sexual stimulant, hypertensive (High Blood Pressure), anti-infectious, antifungal, Antiseptic. Indications: Asthma, pulmonary infections, Bronchitis, Diabetes, severe infections, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sinusitis. Other Uses: May help dilate the respiratory system, particularly the bronchial tract. It may also help with respiratory infections, coughs, cuts, cysts, fatigue, Gout, lice, Nervous exhaustion, scabies, skin parasites, sores, Stress, Urinary Infections. Pine oil may also help increase blood pressure and stimulate the Adrenal Glands and the circulatory system. Pine oil is a good ingredient for any first aid kit.

Myrtle (Myrtus communis) Action: Expectorant, anti-infectious, liver stimulant, prostate decongestant, light antispasmodic, regulator for thyroid and ovary, tonic for the skin. Indications: Bronchitis, coughs, Hypothyroidism, Insomnia, Sluggish Thyroid, prostate congestion, respiratory tract ailments, Sinus infection, tuberculosis, ureter infections. Other Uses: May help anger, Asthma, respiratory infections, Cystitis, diarrhea, dysentery, impaired digestion, hemorrhoids, hormonal imbalances. It may support the Immune System, fight infections, Sinusitis, infectious diseases, and pulmonary disorders, aid Skin Conditions (Acne, blemishes, Bruises, oily skin, Psoriasis, etc.). Useful on children for chest complaints and coughs.

Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) Action: Improves Circulation and supports the nerves and intestines. Anti-infectious, Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, and strengthens blood capillaries. It also acts as an insect repellent. Indications: Arthritis, Bronchitis, Circulation, Cramps, hemorrhoids, Insomnia, intestinal parasites, Menopausal problems, menstrual pain, pancreas insufficiencies, pulmonary infections, Rheumatism, spasms, tuberculosis, throat problems, varicose veins, Fluid Retention. May be helpful for some cancers. Other uses: May be beneficial for Asthma, strengthening blood capillary walls, reducing cellulite, supporting the circulatory system and strengthening connective tissue. It may help with coughs, edema, improving energy, gallbladder ailments, bleeding gums, hemorrhaging, laryngitis, Liver Disorders, muscular Cramps, Nervous Tension, nose bleeds, ovarian cysts. It is outstanding when used in Skin Care, lessening Scar Tissue.

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) Action: Anticarcinogenic, supports digestion, expels worms, decongestant, anti-infectious, Antibacterial, antifungal, mucolytic, stimulant, hypertensive, cardiotonic, stimulates the gallbladder, is a pain-reliever, expectorant, Anti-Inflammatory for the intestinal and urinary tract. It can heighten or restore the sense of taste by stimulating the trigeniminal nerve. Indications: Asthma, Bronchitis, Candida, diarrhea, Digestive Problems, Fever, Nausea, Halitosis, Heartburn, hemorrhoids, Hot Flashes, Indigestion, menstrual irregularity, Headaches, Motion Sickness, tumor growth, respiratory infections, shock, itchy skin, Throat Infections, varicose veins. Other Uses: May help Arthritis, Depression, Skin Conditions (Eczema, Psoriasis, dermatitis), food poisoning, Headaches, hives, hysteria, inflammation, Morning Sickness, nerve regeneration, Rheumatism, elevate and open sensory system, ease the pain of toothaches, kills tuberculosis bacillus (according to recent research).

Application Methods: Diffuse 1-2 drops daily for 15-30 minutes every 3-4 hours as needed. Massage 2-3 drops on corresponding reflex points of feet. May also rub 1-2 drops on throat and chest as needed. Place 1-3 drops on pillow before bed.

How do I apply Oils?: Click here to learn the various methods of applying Essential Oils and blends.

What are the foot reflex points?: Click here for foot reflex charts and pressure techniques.

Companion Oil Blends: Antimicrobial, Antiseptic, Quiet Cough, MucAway, Congest Aid, BronchiRelief, Flu Fighter, Temp Tamer, SinuAid, Cold Care, Cold Care Bath

Safety Data: This blend may be irritating to those with sensitive skin. Avoid eye contact. In case of accidental eye contact, put a few drops of any pure vegetable oil in the eye and get medical help if necessary. Never use water to dilute or rinse.


1) If you are under the care of a physician, seek his/her advice BEFORE starting ANY natural therapy.

2) If you are Pregnant or nursing, do not utilize natural therapies without the express consent and guidance of your doctor.

3) Keep in mind that many oils are phototoxic - meaning they will increase your sensitivity to the sun. Avoid sun exposure for at least 4 hours after topical use of Essential Oils.

4) Do a patch test. Always patch test a new oil or blend on a small area of skin to test for sensitivity. The last thing you want is a huge rash because you didn’t know you’d be sensitive to the oil!

5) Natural Remedies work well with traditional medicine - the key word being ‘with’. If you have any medical conditions, are under a doctor’s care for ANY reason, or simply have questions/concerns - talk to your medical professional BEFORE you begin a natural therapy regimen.

Oil Measurements: 10 ml = approx. 1/3 oz. A 10 ml bottle of our blends holds approximately 325-350 drops. The average dosage varies from 1-6 drops

RespiRescue also comes in convenient Inhaler and Roll-On bottles!

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  1. Jen Says:

    I wonder if this product would benefit people who have smoked for a number of years. My mom smoked for over 30 years (but luckily kicked the habit a few years ago). Her overall health has greatly improved since then, but she still is very prone to Allergies, Sinus infections, Colds, and other respiratory “issues” that Smokers are more easily prone to. I’ll pass on the information to her. She’s not currently on any medications so I figure it can’t hurt, right? :) Thanks for the info!

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