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Profiling Essential Oils

How to conduct your own aroma profile on an Essential Oil.

Like most perfumes, Essential Oil aromas change over time. This easy system will help you profile your oils and keep the information for reference when formulating your own blends.

Time Required:2-14 hours

Here’s How:

  1. Dip a scent strip in a selected Essential Oil.
  2. Record time dip was taken as well as your description of the aroma.
  3. After 15 min. smell the scent strip and record your impressions and any changes you notice.
  4. After another 15 min. take a second scent strip and dip it in the same oil.
  5. Compare and record your impressions of both dips.
  6. Continue every 30 minutes until dry out of both dips.
  7. Once dip strip has dried out, note the residual aromas if any.


  1. Some oils such as Sandalwood and Patchouli may take days to dry out. Residual odors may last for weeks.
  2. Record thoughts, emotions and feelings as well as odor descriptions and notes (see Related Resources for an explaination on notes) during each reading.
  3. Have fresh coffee beans close at hand to smell inbetween and during sessions. This will help prevent “tolerance” to picking up scent.

What You Need:

* Scent strips
* Essential Oils
* Notebook and pen
* Clock or timer

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