Aromatherapy For Depression

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These oils have been recommended by a variety of books, and Usenet posts on alt.herbs.folklore and alt.Aromatherapy.

Bergamot Clary Sage Frankincense Geranium Jasmine Lavender Mimosa Myrrh Neroli Rose Rosewood Sandalwood Violet Ylang-Ylang

Rose OIL: “Therapeutically, this scent does have a potent Antidepressant effect and may be used, via face and body massage, Skin Care, baths, or vaporisers to treat nervousness, sadness, or long-term stress.”

LAVENDER: “The balancing properties of Lavender can correct emotional problems and feelings of instability. Its calming effect will induce a restful sleep try a drop of Lavender oil on your pillow or into an evening bath.”

Neroli (oil of the Orange Blossom): “Neroli … is one of the most suitable Essential Oils to use for nervous Tension, Insomnia, and stress-related illnesses as it has a very positive calming influence on mind and body.”

My book urges caution when using the oils as they are very potent and May therefore cause a skin rash (it does say, however, that Lavender is “the only oil that can be safely applied undiluted to the skin”). It is suggested to put a drop or two into 3 tablespoons of Carrier Oil (such as a neutral odor light vegetable or nut oil) for a massage, or else 2 to 4 drops of oil(s) to a warm bath and soaking for 10 minutes.

Another suggested use is as a room freshener - use a clay or ceramic vaporiser to heat water with, or near, the oil. An easy way to make a room freshener with Essential Oils is to wet a cotton ball with the Essential Oil and place it in a room or cupboard to scent the area. (For maximum effect, place somewhere warm such as behind a heater or fireplace.)

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