Aromatherapy For All E-Course

Aromatherapy For All is an affordable, quality, Home-Study natural health course!

Learn the properties of Essential Oils and how to use them safely. Course includes methods of extracting oils, their uses, storage, and how to blend them to treat various conditions.

There are lots of blend recipes included, with instructions on the best ways to use them.

Do you want to treat coughs and sniffles? Boost your confidence? Help with Insomnia? Cure a hangover? It’s all here and very simple to achieve once you know the safety rules and correct ways of using oils.

In this course you will learn how to treat various conditions with Essential Oils, how to store them and about the potential safety hazards.

Aromatherapy can treat emotional and physical conditions and you will learn how to do this. There are recipes for blending oils and treating many everyday conditions included in the blending section. Treat yourself and your family and friends in a safe way.

Course Cost

Basic Course: $16.00 With Certificate Option: $34.00

Course Lessons

  1. What is Aromatherapy? - Essential Oils, history of aromatherapy. How it works.
  2. Extraction of Oils and Their Storage. - How Essential Oils are extracted from plant material. Storing these oils correctly and safely.
  3. Safety Precautions - Safe use of oils. When not to use them. Special circumstances.
  4. Room Fragrance - Room fragrancers to purify the air and stop bacteria.
  5. Essential Oil and Water, Skin, Inhalation and Massage. - How to use oils for massage, inhalation and for Skin Care. Therapeutic bathing.

Why wait to enroll? This is an Online Course and you can begin receiving instruction online from Instructor Jan Harper right now. You’ll get personalized instruction, you can learn at your own pace, track your progress with detailed analysis, and receive feedback from a real expert in the field.

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