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Essential Oils for Minor Depression


Essential Oils for Minor DepressionAs I look out the window, I’m thinking how dreary it is right now. It’s pouring rain, the sky is gray, and the trees have lost most of their leaves. Sigh.

I need something to lift this blue mood I’m in! As usual, aromatherapy comes to the rescue. This article gives a brief introduction to various essential oils that are known for their mood elevation abilities.

By the end of the article, you should have a better sense of where to cast your nose for help the next time you feel down.

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Essential Oils for Depression

My favorite mood elevator is Rose essential oil (rosa damascena). One drop of this heavenly scent in a diffuser is potent enough to make me feel happy! However, rose essential oil is extremely expensive.

A cheaper (although still not cheap) alternative to rose essential oil is geranium (pelargonium graveolens), sometimes called rose geranium. When you smell geranium essential oil, you won’t believe how much it smells like rose essential oil! And again, one drop in a diffuser is plenty, making it a bit economical.

Roman Chamomile essential oil (anthemis nobilis) is renowned for its ability to calm people down. It can be somewhat sedating, so use it only when you know you don’t have to be completely alert. Don’t confuse Roman Chamomile with German Chamomile (matricaria recutita). They are very different essential oils.

Lavender essential oil (lavandula augustifolia) is also wonderful for making happy thoughts. It smells so clean and fresh.

The citrus oils are also known as mood elevators. One of my favorite citrus essential oils is mandarin (citrus reticulata). Don’t confuse mandarin essential oil with tangerine essential oil. Even though they smell similar, tangerine essential oil does not have the same chemical makeup that makes mandarin oil so good for anxiety.

Although I love the scent of patchouli (pogostemon cablin) and vetiver (vetiveria zizanoides) essential oils, I wouldn’t use them on a day when I need my mood lifted. They are known as dark, heavy, earthy scents and aren’t the best for feeling happier when you feel a bit down.

A quick look at some of my references gives a list of essential oils that are known as mood elevators. They are the kinds of oils that give you a “feel good feeling” when you have a mild case of the blues. Here are some other essential oils recommended for “despondency” by Shirley Price in her Aromatherapy Workbook:

There are other mood elevating essential oils out there, and the fun of aromatherapy is in the discovery of how a particular essential oil affects you. You might want to compile your own personal mood elevating essential oils list so that it’s handy the next time you feel a bit down.

This is definitely a case where I like to use my tea light candle oil and water diffuser, as it makes the scent last a long time. As a cautionary note, remember not to take any of these oils internally or use them on your skin until you research them thoroughly. Not all essential oils can be taken internally and/or used topically.

Remember that these oils are traditionally used for an occasional feeling of minor depression, sadness or anxiety or just feeling “down in the dumps”. If you have a serious case of major depression, you need to be under a doctor’s care.

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About the author

Jen Calla loves to share what she has learned (and is continuing to learn) about aromatherapy and essential oils. She invites you to visit her website and blog at to learn more about the uses of aromatherapy and essential oils.

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