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May 12, 2006

The Sacred Space

Filed under: Stress and Relaxation — Administrator @ 8:20 am

I’d like to take a minute and let all of you know about a Yahoo group that I have.

Sometimes we do things because we simply know they are important without really having any understanding as to the ‘why’ behind it. This is one of those things for me.

The group was started last year – and, due to an awful lot of Trauma in my life, it was left to wither. However, for weeks now I’ve been being ‘nudged’ to get it open and active again – and finally decided to listen to those nudges and get busy.

Within hours after re-activating the group – an email came in from an old member who, along with her daughter and newborn grandson, is going through some incredibly traumatic times. Coincidence? Well, I’d say yes, except that I don’t believe in them!

So, here’s a brief synopsis of the group – and if you have interest in it – please take a minute to check it out and join up if you wish. We don’t ram sales down your throat, we do not spam, nor do we share your email address. There is no cost to join and you can leave any time.

The purpose of the group is as stated – so if this is up your alley (or along your path), please join us.

Love and light,

Group description:

Making time for the Sacred in today’s world can be quite a challenge. But in spite of this, the fact remains that each of us – collectively and individually – need to make that time.

This is a place where we can come to share our prayers and blessings for the healing of individuals, situations, and our world. We are also sharing our quest, our spiritual path – no matter what form that path takes.

All are welcome here, whether you are Pagan, Wiccan, Christian, Jewish or of another belief system. The Goals are the same for all – to find our own Truth and our own Sacred Path.

We accept prayer requests and at times we take current news events to incorporate into our daily time with the Sacred (by whatever title you call Divinity) with the intent to love and heal without malice or judgement. All on this planet are deserving of blessings, grace and guidance and our main purpose in this group is to come together and unite our ‘prayers’, our meditations, our intentions and our paths in order to help and heal – ourselves, each other and our world.

This group is, in many ways, a ‘prayer group’ – in other ways it is simply a place to share with each other while on our own spiritual path.

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