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February 14, 2006

Incense Making Tips

Filed under: Reference Articles, Candles and Incense — Administrator @ 10:17 am
1.Be sure all Herbs,Spices,peels,and flowers are completely dry.
2.All dry ingredients must be ground into a fine powder.
3.Mix all ingredients in a small glass container with a clean stick or your fingers.
4.Let the Incense stand over night to dry.
5.Store any unused Incense in a tightly capped glass jar,away from light.
6.These incenses need self-igniting charcoal. Check the classified ads.Or,in a pinch,you might try to smolder some in a small,heavy pan on top of your stove.
7.Most important,for best results,try to blend your energies with the Incense as you prepare and use it.

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