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November 3, 2006

Blending Essential Oils

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Here are a few helpful suggestions about blending.

When blending your Essential Oils remember to measure carefully. Most of the time you will be measuring drops of Essential Oils.

Almost all recipes are given by numbers of drops that are added. Many recipes are proportional – meaning that if a recipe calls for 5 drops of this oil, 3 drops of that oil, you can always mix 5 ml of this oil and 3 ml of that oil.

If you are trying to mix your Essential Oils with a water based product or in water. You may need to first mix it with an Emulsifier. This will help the Essential Oils to blend with your water based products.

When mixing Essential Oils with Carrier Oils to be used for massage you should never make a stronger blend than 2-3%.

How to figure out how much is in a 2% or 3% solution?

First think of things in drops. If you have 100 drops of something you would have a 2 percent solution if 2 drops were an Essential Oil and 98 drops were a Carrier Oil.

or 2 ml of Essential Oil and 98 ml of the Carrier Oil.

Of course, neither of these may help you as most people have teaspoons or tablespoons to measure with for their Carrier Oils or shampoo, etc.

Looking at the first example. 2 drops of Essential Oil – that is easy. But the 98 drops of Carrier Oil that is not so easy, but you can do a little more math and convert the drops into teaspoons. Since there are about 20 drops per ml and 5 ml per teaspoon you can easily figure it out. 98 divided by 20 is approximated 5. So you have 5 ml or 1 teaspoon (or 98-100 drops of Carrier Oil).

A 2% solution would be 2 drops Essential Oil per teaspoon of Carrier Oil. 3% would be 3 drops per teaspoon.

If you have any problem figuring out percentages for blending, don’t hesitate to write.

Some Essential Oils prefer to be mixed with different Carrier Oils. So if you see your Essential Oils not mixing with particular Carrier Oil, you will have to experiment with another Carrier Oil.

Or you may need to use less Essential Oil.

Some Essential Oils and absolutes will become ‘saturated’ into a Carrier Oil. When this occurs you can not get any more Essential Oil or absolute to mix in with the Carrier Oil. You will see it initially being in solution, but if you let it set for a day or two, you will either see the absolute sitting on the bottom, or the Essential Oil sitting on the top of your Carrier Oil.

Actually, this can happen with any unscented base product used. Shampoos, conditioners, and lotions are all prone to having the Essential Oil separate out.

Simply shake, or stir your bottle of product to mix the Essential Oils back into the product before using.

There are a few Essential Oils when blended together that will not mix or they actually will cause a chemical reaction and become a solid chunk of ‘goo’ in the bottom of your bowl, bottle or jar. Fortunately, this is rare.

Do not let anything stop you from being creative. Essential Oils are oils composed of several different chemical constituents. When mixed together you will sometimes see them get cloudy, then add another Essential Oil and the mixture will become clear. Sometimes the blend will cause sediment to form.

This is normal when you mix certain Essential Oils together. Please note we are not chemists, but we have observed these reactions when blending different oils or when making up our blends.

Next: Store your custom blends of Essential Oils in amber bottles and then use a drop or two without having to mix each time you want to enjoy your favorite blend.

When mixing massage or bath blends we suggest you mix the Essential Oils together first before you add the Carrier Oil. Then let the mixture “age” or blend for several days before using.

Remember also that pure Essential Oils will disintegrate rubber and certain types of plastic materials. Never leave your bottles stopped with rubber bulbed caps. In just a few days the rubber will be a terrible blob of Black goo!

To blend Essential Oils with Carrier Oils you can mix them in PET plastic or Glass bottles. PET plastic will not deteriorate with essentials oils, other types of plastic bottles may.


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