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February 8, 2006

Basic Candle Making

Filed under: Reference Articles, Candles and Incense — Administrator @ 4:40 pm
It is really not that difficult to make your own basic Candles! If you are going to be performing any spells or rituals using Candles, then to make your own is a good idea, as the Candles will pick up your vibrations & will be more pure than ones you buy in a shop, as no-one else has handled them. But always remember, Safety first! Never leave hot wax unattended, always use heat proof gloves when handling container/pot that wax is in & make Candles at a time when young children are not around.Alway ensure that you have a good amount of working space as well, to minimise the danger of accidents.


Wax – Paraffin wax is good, Colour – dyes or a cheap alternative is Children’s crayons ( the thicker one are better! ), Wick – you can buy these or make your own by dipping thick string or thin cord into warm wax. Leave to dry on grease-proof paper. Mould – You can buy these from craft stores, or use an old can, as a cheap alternative! A Container for the wax – A double boiler is best to heat the wax in, but failing that, put the wax into an old coffee tin, then into a saucepan filled with water to heat it ( make sure the water doesn’t come up further than your tin though! )

A Thermometer You have to keep the temperature of the wax below 375 degrees, as to over-heat wax is very dangerous indeed, the fumes from over-heated wax can lead to illness as well as the danger of severe burns from boiling wax! Ideally for safety, try to keep the wax under 200 degrees, as this is more than sufficient! Mold release agent – This is necessary to easily & safely remove your Candle from the mold. You can use a silicone spray or cooking spray oil for this. Wooden spoon – to stir the wax Scissors Pencils – You will need one for eah Candle you are making to hold the wick.


Heat the double boiler or saucepan of water to a high enough heat to melt wax & add the wax to your carrier. Start to melt the wax, ensuring with the thermometer that it is well within the temperature guidelines! Stir the melting wax with a wooden spoon. While the wax is begining to melt, spray the mould with the silicone spray or the cooking oil spray.Leave the mould to one side for later use. Kepp stirring the wax with the wooden spoon softly until it is completely melted. Add colouring, one drop at a time until you build up to a colour that you like ( you can always add more colour, but not so easy to take colour away, so one drop at a time! ) or if you are using crayons, dip the crayons into the wax ( be very careful as you do this! ) .

Now get your wick/wicks. Tie one end of the wick to the middle of the pencil, & gently drop the wick into the mould containg, trying to get the wick to be in the centre of the mould if possible, resting thepencil on top of the mould. ( if you are using a Candle mould, then sometimes there is a little hole at the bottom to feed the wick through, this centres the wick, but you must remember to seal the whole after the wick has been thread through. Use a small peice of putty or Blu-Tak to do this! & ensure that the wick is taut! ) It is now time to pour the HOT wax into the mould/moulds. Use oven gloves or other suitable safety equipment to lift the wax carrier from the water, & take great care to gently pour into the mould / moulds.

Fill the mould until it comes up to 1 inch before the top of the mould. You must leave this space. Leave the wax to harden for at least several hours, preferably over-night, in a safe place out of the reach of children. Do not try to remove the Candle from the mould until you are absolutely sure it has hardened completely! Once it is ready, tip the mould upside down & thanks to the release agent, it should then slide out easily.


While you are adding the colouring, you could also try adding a scent to your Candle! Herbs & Spices are good for this as are the Vanilla & mint oils usually used as cooking ingredients! You can also drop hings into the wax when it has melted & before pouring into the mould. Leaves are very good for this, as are sea shells, this adds a nice touch to Candles you may wish to give as presents!

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