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October 19, 2006

Aromatherapy and Your Body

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TO EASE HAY FEVERChamomileEucalyptus

TO RELAX SORE AND ACHING MUSCLESFrankincenseGinger – Sweet marijoram – Rosemary

TO EASE STOMACH/PERIOD PAINS – Aniseed – Clary SageJuniper berry – LavenderMarjoram

TO EASE STOMACH UPSETSGingerMandarinPeppermint

TO HELP OILY SKINCypressLemonMandarinTea Tree (also good for Acne)

FOR HAIRCedarwoodCypress (for oily hair) – Rosemary (for dry hair) – Tea Tree (for Dandruff)

TO EASE HeadachesEucalyptusLavenderPeppermintRosemary

TO CLEAR A BLOCKED NOSEBergamotEucalyptusGingerRosemary

TO EASE A Sore ThroatFrankincenseJasmineSandalwoodTea Tree

TO EASE EczemaChamomileGeraniumJuniper berry – Lavender

TO Moisturize DRY SKINBergamotChamomileJasmineRoseSandalwoodYlang Ylang

TO IMPROVE CELLULITEJuniper berry – GeraniumRosemary

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