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August 1, 2006

Aromatherapy For Nail Fungus

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Fungus amongus – Yikes!

When you have a fungal infection that has invaded your finger and toenails it can be one of the hardest things to get rid of.

Unfortunately, fungal infections can be transmitted easily and once they begin can be hard to eliminate.

Several prescription drugs are available but can have detrimental effects on your liver. So many people seek alternative methods for treating this problem.

To start with you need to get a positive diagnosis from your physician and then make sure they have no objection to you trying an alternative solution to this problem.

Once you have the okay there are certain things you need to do besides using Essential Oils.

1. Be sure you are willing to follow the regimen for the length of time needed. Treating nails for fungus can take several months. You will need to continue until the nails have all grown in with new nails.

2. Wash your feet and clean your toes daily. Dry them thoroughly. (If you have infections in you fingernails you still need to clean them good and dry them too!)

3. Change your socks every day, twice a day if you have Sweating feet problems.

4. Use a drying powder – ideal would be to use talc powder impregnated with Tea Tree Essential Oil. Do not use cornstarch as this is food for fungus.

5. Rotate the shoes you wear. Set them outdoors into the sunlight to air them out, but also let the sun help to destroy any fungus.

6. Limit your sugar and sweets. Fungus love high levels of sugar. And if you have too much sweets, they stay in your blood and can “feed” the fungus. That is one reason Diabetics (or undiaganosed diabetics) often times have problems with nail fungal infections, along with Candidiasis, yeast, etc.

7. Wear shoes made of cotton or leather. Or wear no shoes as much as possible (while indoors of course).

8. Consult your physician if you see no improvement after one month. You may have to resort to conventional medicine :-(

To begin you will need to set time aside each day for soaking your feet (or hands). You should begin by washing your feet (or hands) thoroughly. Clean underneath the nails with an Orange stick to remove any dead cells and debris.

In a basin place some room temperature water (about 4 cups) and also 4 cups of distilled vinegar.

Yep, we are pickling your feet!! No not really. But Vinegar is great at killing fungus and it is not too objectionable.

Add 5-6 drops of Tea Tree oil to this foot bath. Sit and soak for 30 – 60 minutes.

When you are done, dry your feet well.

You can reuse the same basin of water for 2- 3 days. You will need to add a few more drops of the Tea Tree oil as it will diffuse into the air overnight.

A good time to soak your feet is shortly before bedtime.

You can also add a little Lavender to the basin if you like.

Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D in his book “Advanced Aromatherapy” notes that Tea Tree may not work for all toenail fungus. He suggests you try the following blend applied to the affected nails. This is a very strong blend and you should test before hand to make sure you do not have a reaction to these oils. This recipe is a two step process. Please follow directions carefully.

Step one:

Blend these oils in an amber bottle.

Step two:

Add 5 ml of the above mixture into 15 ml of your choice of Carrier Oil. (I would recommend Sunflower oil) Blend well.

Next: Apply 1 drop to each affected nail twice a day. Be sure your feet/hands are clean and dry before applying. (see above).

If you see no improvement after 14 days, discontinue. How do you know if there is improvement? You will see new healthy Nail Growth. No more hard, discolored yellow nails. New healthy growth will begin to show near the nails growth area.

After 14 days, and if you see improvement, you should use at least once daily thereafter until there is a complete new nail.


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