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August 12, 2006

The Utility Room

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Everyone’s home or apartment has one of “these” rooms. And like most of us these rooms tend to become the ‘catch all’ room. You know. Hurry up and pickup before company comes – you throw everything in a box or laundry basket and stick it in the room. Only to forget you stuck it in there weeks later!

Of course, some of these utility rooms are actually a room where your furnace or cooling units are found. Or your hot water heater, water softener etc. The utility room may or may not be where your laundry facilities are located. If it is, you may still have a problem.

Some of these rooms even have shelving and storage. Maybe you keep your mop bucket and cleaning supplies in here. Sometimes these rooms can become very smelly. You know from that damp towel that was thrown in there or maybe the mop bucket didn’t get thoroughly cleaned or worse yet the cat or dog decides that it might be the perfect bathroom site if no one is around!!

In any case, you get my drift, this room is often neglected and the door kept closed for a reason – it is just not a fun room to enter. It may smell like mildew or moldy. Or worse yet some other unidentifiable odor.

With all the rain and or hot humid weather some of these rooms take on unwelcome wetness. In some homes that have basements this may be the room for the floor drain. Again, another odor producer!

This room can be made to be a little bit more pleasant by doing a few simple things. First off, try to keep things picked up off the floor and organized! Sometimes this is easier said than done but start there.

If your washing machine and dryer are here. Simply use some Essential Oils when ever you do your laundry. A few drops in the rinse cycle or a few drops on a damp cloth and tossed in the dryer. This might be all it takes to give this room a more welcome smell.

If this room is not the laundry area, but has a floor drain. Mix up your mop water, swab the deck and let the water run down into the drain. What to add to the mop bucket? If you have a mold or mildew smell, you might want to mix Tea Tree in the water. Other oils include Cinnamon, Thyme and Oregano. Of course the last two might not smell as good as the Cinnamon, but they do a good job at getting fungus under control. You might want to add Thieves blend to your cleaning bucket.

Other nice smelling oils to use are the Citrus ones – Orange and Lemon are very commonly used, as is found in many commercial cleaning products. But you might prefer, Lime, Mandarin or Bergamot. Or the evergreen scents of Pine needle , Spruce and Douglas Fir or Siberian Fir needles, Juniper and Cypress

Lavender is a nice and simple floral smell. You might want something exotic such as Ylang Ylang , or other floral smell like Geranium , Rosewood, or Palmarosa. I probably wouldn’t recommend using the expensive Essential Oils but if you want Rose, Neroli, and Jasmine could be used. I think most people would prefer to save these for other rooms other than the utility rooms!

Besides cleaning, some of the easiest Diffusers to use in this room are the “passive” type. You simply apply several drops of Essential Oils of your choice to the surface of these and let them set. They will give off the aroma for several days to weeks depending on the Essential Oils used. Some passive type Diffusers have a hanging string – simply add the Essential Oils and hang on a rod or other hanger.

Next time you walk into your utility room, it shouldn’t make you back off, That is if you put a few Essential Oils to work for you!

A Recipe for you to add to your mop bucket.

Blend these together then add to your mop bucket. This blend is great at getting rid of foul odors. When finished mopping, don’t forget to let this run into your floor drain!


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