Prepare Yourself for New or Unpredictable Situations

Would you like to feel safe and centered, no matter what is about to happen? Give yourself the advantage of preparation.

Would you like to:

  • Feel competent in uncertain situations?
  • Handle unpredictability with comfort?
  • Reduce the fluster or paralysis brought on by some events?
  • Stay centered during new experiences?
  • Optimize your preparation for performance?
  • Go with life’s natural flow?

If you would like to have the preparedness advantage, then Preparing For Uncertainty is sure to surprise you.

Life is full of uncertainties. Each day has its share of doubt, worry and Anxiety. Upcoming interviews, a first date, a new business venture, even a new member of the family! These situations often lead us to uneasiness and inner Tension, which can stand in the way of our best efforts.

Tension blocks creativity, making our responses rigid or clumsy. But it does not have to be this way.

Your unconscious mind can fully prepare you for whatever may happen.

Face uncertainty fearlessly

This Hypnosis-based program will enhance your ability to flow with new situations as they arise in your life. You can use this program for specific situations, such as preparation for a medical procedure or a future presentation, or or you can use it to train yourself to handle uncertain situations in your life as a whole.

You should know…

We are not saying that this program will help you predict the future. Nor are we claiming that you’ll be able to change the “energy” of future events just by thinking about them. This CD is decidedly not New Age.

What we are saying is that our program can help you maximize your ability to handle new and uncertain situations by using your entire brain to prepare for them.

The powerful Hypnosis techniques in this two-session program will help you Relax and guide you to a state of Hypnotic trance. Your subconscious mind will open to empowering ideas and stories designed to help you develop your own best way to handle uncertain events. Dr. Greenleaf’s relaxing style will help you organically create healthy and effective metaphors.

You’ll to begin to use your entire mind in ways that will help you face unpredictable new situations.

As with all of our products we offer you our unconditional one year money back guarantee.

Preparing For Uncertainty is a 1-CD Program:

Preparation for Uncertainty
Journey Through Uncertainty

Check Out Preparing For Uncertainty Now!

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