Options of herbal remedies for anxiety

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Constant overuse of antibiotics and prescription drugs has resulted in the toxification of our bodies. To add to the misuse of these drugs, many of them have side effects that can cause other health conditions to develop. Due to an increase in awareness of these facts, many people are looking towards natural treatments for most ailments and conditions. Not many people are aware of the fact that there exist medicines in the ancient science of Ayurveda that can treat emergency situations also. The fact that FDA does not evaluate and research Herbal Remedies lends itself to doubts and questions about its efficacy, but most people who have used these Herbal Remedies can vouch for their efficacy and safety.

One such area where Herbal Remedies are extremely effective is in the arena of Anxiety relief. These natural treatments for Anxiety are not only free from side effects and non-habit forming but also as effective as any prescription drug. The key lies in the fact that these remedies should also be administered by someone who has been trained in this field and knows the exact potency, dosage and manner in which it should be ingested. Trained professionals are now undertaking clinical trials to ensure that they can document and prove the effectiveness of the Natural Remedy, something that they have observed empirically.

Anxiety manifests itself in different ways for different people. The theory of natural treatment believes in treating each body differently based on specific types and symptoms. The focus is on treating the cause of the problem rather than subduing the symptoms. Unlike most prescription drugs that can cause many side effects and create other complexities in the body, herbal treatments attack the root cause of the problem and ensure proper treatment.

Which is why you may see many Herbal Remedies that claim to have Anxiety relief properties. What one needs to know is that there are different Herbs that need to be ingested and these may differ from person to person. Lets look at some of these Herbs used for providing Anxiety relief.

Valerian is the most well known of the Herbal Remedies and it has been tested clinically for effectiveness. Others like Kava kava helps in promoting sleep and reducing Anxiety. Another herb that helps in Anxiety management by providing relief from Sleeplessness is Hops. Herbs like Bugleweed and Lemon Balm are mild relaxants and soothe taut nerves. For certain severe cases, California poppy can be used to provide a tranquilizing effect.

Herbal Remedies are available for treatment for psychosomatic conditions like Headaches and stomach disorders that may have resulted from acute Anxiety and stress. Catnip can be used for an upset stomach and Fennel specifically helps in gastrointestinal problems, reduces flatulence and relaxes the intestinal muscles.

In many cases Headaches are a part of Anxiety and stress. Meadowsweet can prove to be as effective as an analgesic for Headaches. Feverfew has been known to be extremely effective in reducing Migraine and calming nerves due to stress. Motherwort is another effective herb that should be administered when Anxiety is accompanied with palpitations.

The availability of such a range of remedies implies that natural treatments for Anxiety need to be taken under supervision. Even though these Herbs have no side effects, the dosages should be monitored and administered by a professional to ensure that you are taking the right treatment for your particular case.

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