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Eliminate Insomnia and Maximize the Restorative Powers of Sleep

If you suffer from Insomnia then it is time for you to try a new approach in obtaining a restful night’s sleep. Combining research from the world’s most esteemed sleep labs with powerful Hypnosis techniques, this program will help you with all three types of insomnia:

  • Inability to Fall Asleep
  • Difficulty Staying Asleep
  • Awakening Too Early

If you are tired of staring at the ceiling night after night or watching the clock’s hands tick closer to what is supposed to be “waking time” then it’s time you tried a new approach. If you’ve tried counting sheep, sleeping pills, or “Relaxation” CDs – you know that these are not long-term solutions. What you need is a proven and long-term resolution to your Sleep Problems.

This Hypnosis-based program will help you get the amount of sleep that is optimal for you. Sleep deprivation has many negative effects, such as Drowsiness during waking hours, Aches and Pains, crankiness, oversleeping, and even weight gain. If you’re reading this, you’re probably experiencing these symptoms.

Sleep Mastery was created by Roberta Temes, Ph.D., author of The Complete Idiots Guide to Hypnosis and the editor of Medical Hypnosis, the first medical school textbook about Hypnosis. Dr. Temes has helped hundreds of people from all over the world experience a good night’s sleep. Sleep Mastery can help you eliminate Insomnia and consistently get a good night’s sleep.

Once you experience the regenerative effects of getting a good night’s sleep, you’ll wish you had this program much sooner.

We are still going to offer you our unconditional 1-year money back guarantee. We hope that by eliminating all risk, you will give yourself the best tools and resources currently available to achieve a restful night’s sleep.

Sleep Mastery is a 2-CD Program:

Program Introduction
Sleep Hygiene
Trouble Falling Asleep
Fall Asleep with Music

Problems Waking Up Too Early
Waking Up in the Middle of the Night
Power Nap

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