Dealing With Depression Naturally

Are psychiatric drugs the only alternative for Depression and Anxiety?

Fortunately not!

Depression is not a new disorder - people have been suffering from the symptoms of Depression for thousands of years!

This means that practitioners of traditional healing and natural medicine have a wealth of knowledge and a long history of treatment from which to draw.

Michele Carelse, our Clinical Psychologist, has had many years of experience treating people with Depression.

Together with experts in the field of natural medicine, she has developed MindSoothe - a combination of St John’s Wort and Passiflora - two highly effective Herbs in therapeutic medicinal dosage.

MindSoothe contains two potent remedies in one treatment and offers immediate as well as long term relief to people suffering from Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Panic Attacks, OCD and even those with eating disorders.

What is MindSoothe Depression formula?

MindSoothe is a remedy containing two Natural Remedies in one and is therefore excellent value for money!

  1. Hypericum Perforatum (St John’s Wort) has been scientifically shown to relieve the symptoms of Depression if used regularly over a period of 3 - 5 weeks.

St John’s Wort is often called ‘Nature’s Prozac’ and is widely used as the Anti-Depressant of choice in many countries like Germany and in other parts of Europe.

There have been many clinical studies which show the effectiveness of St John’s Wort in the treatment of Depression.

A review published in the British Medical Journal quotes up to twenty-three clinical trials which demonstrate that St John’s Wort works as well as many prescription anti-depressants, without the major side effects. Millions of people around the world have been helped by treatment with St John’s Wort.

Many clients say that it feels like ‘the black cloud’ has been lifted from their heads and that they have more zest for life!

  1. The St John’s Wort in MindSoothe is combined with Passiflora - a calming herb that reduces Anxiety and soothes frayed nerves.

According to Dr Earl Mindell (The New Herb Bible), Passiflora is one of nature’s best tranquilizers. It works quickly and effectively and is an excellent addition to any treatment for Anxiety and Depression.

MindSoothe has been specially formulated by a Practicing Clinical Psychologist and has been safely and effectively prescribed to real people with real problems for years!

MindSoothe can help with the following symptoms:

MindSoothe is formulated for adults, for children between the ages of 3 and 15 years please see our MindSootheJR formula.

What else I can do to help myself?

There are many things you can do to alleviate the symptoms of Depression naturally. These include:

1.Talk about your problems and find ways to change your circumstances. Consider therapy with a Licensed Counselor (online counseling) to help you to make the changes that you need. 2. Regular Exercise (at least three times a week) 3.Healthy diet (sufficient Vitamin B6 and B12, magnesium, iron, zinc and Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids) 4. Eating certain foods will also help to raise serotonin levels. Good examples are oats, turkey, milk, pasta and other carbohydrate-rich foods. 5. Look after yourself and learn to say ‘No’. 6.Regular Detox periods (see Detox Drops )are very helpful to clear the system of pollutants and certain metals that are absorbed from the atmosphere and may contribute to the symptoms of Depression.

How has MindSoothe helped others?

“The world seems a brighter place. I sleep better and wake up ready to face the world. I am so much calmer and relaxed! thank you!” - Annie, Hamburg Germany

“Fantastic, I’ve never felt so good, cured my Anxiety and Panic Attacks, i wish i had found this remedy earlier.” - David C. UK

“Since I started using MindSoothe I have felt much better. I have been sleeping better and wake up feeling refreshed. I have an all around sense of well-being now. Thank you!” - Michael, FL, USA

“After taking Zoloft for years, I began to feel that I wanted to change to something more natural and better for me. With the guidelines you gave me, I made the transition with very few problems and can truly say that your MindSoothe is helping me even more than the Zoloft did - and I feel much better about it! I can recommend MindSoothe anytime!” - Joe, USA

“Dear Native Remedies, The products you recommended (MindSoothe and PureCalm) have more than lived up to their billings. Josh is doing better now than he has been in the past 6 years and after numerous attempts with medications and supplements. My wife and I have noted a tremendous positive change in him and it is wonderful. I am grateful beyond words to Native Remedies and its team. We have reordered the product and will keep him on it for now. I assure you that I will recommend your products to anyone I talk with. AGAIN, A MILLION THANKS FOR THE HELP YOU HAVE BEEN! Best Wishes”, - Jay Bryan, U.S.A.

“Having suffered with Anxiety and Panic Attacks on and off over the last twelve years, I became fed up taking Doctor prescribed drugs such as Temazapam,Diazapan etc and all the after affects these drugs came with. By chance I came across the Native Remedies website and decided to purchase three canisters of MindSoothe Depression CAPSULES. Within four days the tablets were working, by taking as advised, two in the morning and two at night, I felt more at ease,more confident and nowhere near as Anxious as previously. On top of this I was and still am sleeping a lot better and the big advantage is that the tablets do not leave you feeling Drowsy or sleepy. MindSoothe definitely works for me and I have tried all sorts of drugs and Herbal Remedies to counter my Anxiety/depression, I will categorically recommend these tablets to anyone who has Anxiety/depression. Without doubt I will be reordering when my supplies run out. Normality has returned!! Thanks.” - A. Derrick, Devon, England

“I think I had postnatal Depression after my baby was born, although everyone said that I just had the blues. I understand that, but almost two years later, I felt even worse! I could hardly get up in the morning to face each day, which was soooo unlike me! MindSoothe has made such a difference. Now I have the energy to play with my little boy and my husband says he has the old me back again!” - Vanessa Muller, USA

I just want to tell you I have been taking MindSoothe and PureCalm combined for the past two months. I haven’t felt this good in so long. I am happy and I find myself with a positive attitude everyday. - Irene, NY, USA

MindSoothe contains:

Hypericum Perforatum - called St John’s Wort in Europe. It has been used for centuries to treat Depression, Anxiety and Sleep Disorders and is traditionally used as a restoring tonic for the Nervous system and to lift the spirits. More recently, there have been a number of clinical studies that have demonstrated that standardized extracts of Hypericum are more effective than a placebo in the treatment of Depression .Active ingredients include glycosides, flavonoids, volatile oils, tannins and resins. The active ingredients in Hypericum are thought to boost serotonin levels, which are usually lacking in Depressed people. In some countries like Germany, the sale of St John’s Wort has outstripped many of the major prescription anti-depressants.

Passiflora Incarnata - also called Passion Flower - is used as a sedative and for Insomnia and can relieve Anxiety and nervousness. Active ingredients include flavonoids, cyanogenic glycosides, alkaloids and saparin. Combined with Hypericum, it helps to calm and soothe, and is also thought to reduce High Blood Pressure and Nervous tremors.

Can I take any remedy with St. John’s Wort or Passiflora?

It is very important that Herbal Remedies are correctly prepared and that they are pharmaceutically manufactured according to acknowledged therapeutic dosage.

Because there is no standardization in Herbal Medicine, it is unfortunately true that many herbal preparations are substandard or do not contain therapeutic dosages. This has not been good for the reputation of Natural Remedies.

Like all Native Remedies products, MindSoothe has been prepared according to the highest pharmaceutical standards, personally supervised by our Clinical Psychologist, who has been able to observe the results on real people in her private practice.

All ingredients are in accordance with correct therapeutic dosage and the combinations of Herbs chosen ensure maximum effectiveness with minimum side effects.

This means that you can be sure that you are getting the remedy that you need.

How do I use MindSoothe?

Adults: Take two capsules in the morning and two at night.

Ages 5-15 yrs: Please see our MindSootheJR formula for children

Pregnant and nursing women: Use Triple Complex Nerve Tonic and Triple Complex Mood Tonic.

Caution: MindSoothe should not be combined with any other Anti-Depressant medication and is not recommended during Pregnancy or breastfeeding or for people with uncontrolled High Blood Pressure. In these cases our Triple Complex Mood Tonic will help to alleviate Depression and lift your mood and may be used as an alternative.

If necessary, MindSoothe can be taken together with PureCalm for maximum effectiveness against Anxiety and Depression.

How long until I see results?

MindSoothe combines two remedies in one:

Passiflora calms and soothes Anxiety, Stress and Irritability and an effect should be begin to be noted in the first day of use.

St John’s Wort relieves the symptoms of Depression and takes from 3 - 5 weeks to improve sleep and appetite disturbance, lift your mood, reduce Tearfulness, improve your concentration and memory.

This improvement will increase every month over six months. It is recommended that MindSoothe be taken for a minimum of 6 months in order to prevent a relapse of symptoms.

Some people who have chronically low serotonin levels (e.g. OCD, chronic Depression, Anxiety disorders) find that MindSoothe is so helpful that they continue to use it indefinitely.

MindSoothe must be taken consistently for maximum effectiveness.

How long will a bottle last?

One bottle of MindSoothe contains 60 capsules and will last 15 days.

A 45-day initial supply, which is recommended, would be three bottles.

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