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Anti Cellulite Treatment Options

[23 Apr 2010 | No Comments | 14 views | Author: Dee Braun, DrR, CA, CCT]
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Cellulite is that unsightly jiggling, dimpled flesh on the upper thighs, stomachs, upper arms and buttocks of women as they age. Statistics of the number of women who have cellulite varies. A study by Neutrogena reported that 70% of women have cellulite while other physicians report that number as high as 90%. This only points to the fact that there is no standardized method of measuring cellulite.

Anti cellulite treatment options are varied for women who want to work to reduce their cellulite baggage. During recent research scientists reported that some cellulite appeared to develop during parts of a womens life when there were hormonal surges such as puberty, pregnancy, menopause and PMS.

Cellulite will often rear its unsightly head between 25 and 35 but some women will find its appearance by age 16. Lack of exercise, inadequate water intake and poor nutrition can increase the development of cellulite.

Some people claim that anti cellulite treatment options include exercise that can builds muscle in the affected areas. This would mask the cellulite and increase the circulation. A healthy diet will also go a long way to preventing the problem by maintaining an appropriate weight. But neither of these options will take away the cellulite that has already appeared.

Another trigger for your body to lay down fat is stress. Stress for prolonged periods increases the amount of fat that is stored by the body and thus increasing the appearance of cellulite. The use of diuretics, smoking, laxatives, and diet pills are also triggers. Reducing water retention by decreasing salt intake can help to prevent further development of cellulite.

Some of the newer anti cellulite treatment options include cold-laser massage, VelaSmooth, Synergie, Fat-Melting injections, Liposuction, Fatburners and Skin Firmers. Most topical ointments only attack the skin and not the source of the cellulite beneath it. The effect is temporary and wears off when the cream is discontinued.

There are two anti cellulite treatment options that are reported to minimize cellulite by treating the bands of connective tissue or septae that hold the fat into place under the skin. The first, Endermologie, is performed by a plastic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist. It uses a motorized device that creates suction and provides smooth deep mobilization. There are usually quick results visible but the procedure requires maintenance.

VelaSmooth uses both infrared red light and radio frequency waves to relax the connective tissue bands. It is non-invasive and must be done twice a week for five weeks and then monthly. Initial results from the procedure are promising and this procedure also requires maintenance. Liposuction is an option that some women chose. However it is invasive with significant potential side effects and not a good track results track record.

Other anti cellulite treatment options include anti cellulite creams and coffee grounds. Both have the same action on the body. Unfortunately the effect is from the dehydrating effect of the caffeine to dry out the skin and make it tighter. It has a temporary effect that reverts to the previous back when the creams and coffee grounds are no longer used.

Another anti cellulite treatment option is Mesotherapy, a treatment targeted at reducing cellulite through a slightly invasive technique. A solution of amino acids, vitamins and homeopathic medications are injected under the skin to break down the fat cells. The procedure is performed over several weeks and then maintenance therapy is performed every 6 months to a year.

Anti cellulite treatment options are varied and what a woman chooses is dependent upon her particular situation and financial abilities.

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