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Help For Anemia


Anemia occurs when there are a limited number of red blood cells available to deliver oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. This in turn makes it difficult for the organs and tissues to work like they should. People with anemia are often very tired and have a poor immune system.

Many people in the United States deal with anemia in mild to severe forms. Women who are either pregnant or have heavy PMS are more at risk for acquiring anemia.

Also, people who suffer from chronic disease are at a higher risk. The treatment for anemia is often as simple as an improvement in iron intake and the addition of a vitamin supplement to your daily regimine.

If you think you are suffering from anemia you should talk to your doctor right away. He will perform a few blood tests to determine if there are enough red blood cells and hemoglobin present in your blood.

In rare cases, an endoscopy or colonoscopy will also be performed. Some of the symptoms that might alert you to anemia are: fatigue, cognitive problems, dizziness, numbness in the hands/feet, shortness of breath, pale skin and pain in the chest.

There are three major causes of anemia. It occurs when the body loses too much blood, the red blood cell production is low or when the body struggles to make the proper amount of red blood cells. In some cases, the body is unable to make red blood cells as fast as they break down or are destroyed.

The type of treatment you undertake depends largely on what kind of anemia you have. Your doctor or naturopath will be able to determine which plan is best for you. For example, iron deficiency anemia is often treated by simply taking an iron supplement and making some minor changes in your diet. Vitamin deficiency anemia requires taking whichever vitamin is deficient by capsule or injection.

The more major forms of anemia often require either surgery or blood transfusions. Serious anemia conditions include anemia of chronic disease and anemia that is a result of bone marrow disease.

There are several natural herbs that can help treat anemia by allowing the body to absorb iron easier and increase the absorbtion of oxygen. Ferrum phosphoricum and ferrum metallicum are often used to support the red blood cells and hemoglobin.

Be sure you do not let anemia go untreated. As you can see, it is often treated with relatively simple measures. Life is too precious to spend any of your precious time suffering with a disorder that can be handled so easily.

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  1. John Mickel January 1, 2012 at 1:02 pm #

    I have found a recipe for beans, bacon, tomatoes and a few spices that really helped me. It is from the Paula Deen website and requires only stuff that most people already have around the house.  The tomato helps to release the iron content in the beans. Try it if you are feeling run down, dizzy and have pains in your chest when you try to move around too much. Chemotherapy made me anemic and this works even better than a blood transfusion plus it costs almost nothing to prepare!

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