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An Insiders Guide to migraine headaches

[8 Apr 2011 | No Comments | | Author: ]
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Migraine headaches have to be the worst, bar none, pain you will ever encounter. Of course, if you have never suffered such a headache in your life, the odds are good that you cannot understand the pain, the distress, and the misery they cause. You may even be tempted to tell those who are withdrawing into their rooms for hours on end to pop a pill and get over it. Wish that it were so easy!

In an effort to offer an insiders guide to migraine headaches, here are some facts that may help:

* Migraine headaches last a really long time. Some last as long as two or even three days, while others might be short-lived. They are unpredictable, and there is little guarantee that just because you had a headache lasting five hours last month, you may encounter similar pain or duration this month. It is fair to say, however, that they are by far longer lasting than normal headaches.

* A couple of over the counter headache pills will not make a migraine headache go away. There are prescription drugs that help ease the worst of the pain, but unlike a garden variety headache that is treatable with an over the counter remedy, a migraine headache cannot be attacked in that way. Even after you take the medication, the odds are still good that the pain will continue on.

* The headache part is only one piece of the puzzle. In addition to the pain in your head, you might vomit, suffer from tunnel vision, feel bright lights like daggers in your brain, and cringe at loud noises. The aftermath of a migraine headache is painful as well: it often feels a bit like the remnants of a hangover.

* You do not need to rush to the hospital with a migraine headache because there is precious little the emergency doctors can do for you. Granted, they might offer medication that curtails the vomiting and might also help with hydration, but short of this form of relief, you simply need to wait and ride it out.

Migraines and migraine headaches have been known to run in families, and although the genetic predisposition is not fully understood, you need to know that if a close family member suffers from migraines there is a chance that you or your children may come down with them as well. At times the condition skips a generation, but again, there is not enough research to fully comprehend the intricacies of migraines and how they are passed on through the generations.

Although there is still a lot about the severity and duration of migraine headaches that is difficult to put into words, it is crucial for friends and family members of sufferers to understand the implications of this condition with respect to their ability to function at work, socially, or even within normal family interactions. Since migraine headaches are a far reaching, severe impairment, even the most normal tasks sometimes appear to be out of reach for the person with the condition.

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