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An Effective Regime for Cleaning the Arteries

[8 Nov 2010 | No Comments | | Author: ]
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Question: from Brad

Warren – Do you have any test results or testimonials from customers who have used Cardio-Klenz to support the effectiveness of your product? I’m 47 and began having stable angina 1 year ago. I have 30% build-up in the left anterior descending artery. I’ve working on this for a year by correcting my diet and taking supplements (Vit K, C, E, D, Omega 3, L-lysine, Perfusia which is a timed released L-arginine, Gamma Lin, CoQ10, Primrose Oil, Bromagest, basic 9, garlic, pomigranite juice, trace minerals, apple cider vinegar).

My concern is that I’m not taking the correct dosages.

I sure would like to get some feedback from you on the benefits of the current regime that I am using, and the advantages of dropping what I am currently doing and switching to the Cardio-Klenz.

My goal is to reduce the plaque build-up in my arteries, eliminate the angina, with the long-term goal of completely clearing the arteries. Is this possible?

Answer: from Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life

It is difficult to directly measure the results of Cardio-Klenz without doing a full clinical study. All we have are anecdotal comments…such as the reduction of pain in the chest, an improved ability to exercise, the reduction of numbness at the extremities indicating improved circulation and so on.

We do however have strong scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of the ingredients that we are using in Cardio-Klenz.

I have no doubt that it is working. I also take it myself for ‘self insurance’.

The program that you are on is certainly better than nothing but falls a long way short of giving your arteries the springclean they need. Enzymes, specifically nattokinase is crucial to this process. However, enzymes need to be enteric coated to be effective.

Arginine is only one of the amino acids you need.

I don’t know how much arginine you are using but too much is not good. It should also be taken in conjunction with other amino acids as they can complement each other. I see that you are taking Lysine which is good but you also need Taurine and Methonine.

In addition you should be taking some herbal extracts which are proven for the circulatory system. You will see a list of them on the ingredient panel for Cardio-Klenz.

In addition there are other speciality nutrients that will help your circulatory system…such as Reservtrol, vinpocentin, policosanol, Betain HCL and others. All of these are in Cardio-Klenz.

I can say with no reservation at all that a regime with Cardio-Klenz as the foundation would be many, many times more effective than your current regime. This is what I would do if I were you.

1. Take the full dose of Cardio-Klenz of 6 tablets per day.
2. Eliminate the Vit K, C, E, D as they are all included in Cardio-Klenz
3. Eliminate every thing else with the exception of the primrose oil, omega 3 oil, and apple cider vinegar.
4. Use raw garlic frequently instead of a garlic supplement.
5. Make sure that the Omega 3 you are using is a fish oil not a vegetable oil. You want to make sure you are getting DHA which is not in Omega 3 from plant source.

I have no doubt that if you follow this protocol that it will be much more effective than you current one…and should cost you less as well.

PS. Have a look at the ingredients of Cardio-Klenz. Some of them have not got the links working. We are aware of this and they will all be functional when the new website goes up shortly.

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