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Inside Alzheimer’s: How to Hear and Honor Connections with a Person who has Dementia

We have long underestimated the person who has dementia. Each one’s ability to reach out in familiar ways certainly diminishes yet he or she is always able to experience the deep benefits that come from being in vital relationship with others. Inside Alzheimer’s tells how dozens of persons with dementia and their sharing of wisdom, humor and life’s teachings led Ms. Pearce to the six basic principles of connection–how one person connects with another: Intend a connection, Free yourself of judgment, Love, Open to receive love, Silence and Thankfulness. Internalizing these principles has empowered hundreds of family, friends, and professionals to create moments of connection with persons, regardless of how advanced the dementia.

  • ISBN13: 9780978829902
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Rating: (out of 7 reviews)

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Price: $ 12.87

Inside Alzheimer’s: How to Hear and Honor Connections with a Person who has Dementia Reviews

Review by S. Supena:

Ms. Pearch touched my soul with her book. I stumbled onto it via Amazon. Once it arrived I quickly read through it. I started practicing the IF LOST concepts right away & can honestly say I have had better connections IMMEDIATELY with my mother. I’ve since purchased extra copies of the book for family members & have recommended it to several coworkers who are also dealing with ailing parents.

My mother was officially diagnosed 6 years ago – but we knew (she knew) something was going wrong much longer than that. She was 65 at the time. Since then I’ve read many books on this topic. Several have been helpful -but none have hit home as much as Inside Alzheimer’s. Typically I have a hard time finishing books on this topic because the situation is so depressing. Right in the beginning of the book, Nancy recommends reading it at your own pace. She clearly knows the subject is a difficult one.

I highly recommend this book for ALL health-care personnel or family members of those with dementia. I will be handing out copies to all mom’s caregivers, including her geriatric psychiatrist. I just gave a copy to my father & I know he’ll have a much better understanding of how to reach mom once he finishes it.

Thank you to Ms. Pearce for taking the time to share her vast experiences with those of us going through this one by one. The caring & compassion she has demonstrated in her life will surely take her straight to heaven. No doubt an angel sent to guide those of us who are struggling to make a positive difference for our loved one’s with this horrible disease!

Review by Midwest Book Review:

Written by medical social worker Nancy Pearce, Inside Alzheimer’s: How to Hear and Honor Connections With A Person Who Has Dementia is an uplifting guide for anyone whose friends or loved ones suffer from various stages of dementia. Relationship and connection are still possible, and highly beneficial, with patients who are afflicted with dementia; Inside Alzheimer’s covers the six basic principles of forming a dynamic: freeing oneself from judgment, love, openness to receive love, silence, and thankfulness. “I would much rather err on the side of assuming that the person with dementia can participate in his decisions about end-of-life care, rather than assuming he can’t. It happens more than one would expect that during an open discussion, the person with dementia pops into a particular moment of clarity and clearly provides input.” Highly recommended as guideline, aid, comfort, and inspiration.

Buy Inside Alzheimer’s: How to Hear and Honor Connections with a Person who has Dementia now for only $ 12.87!

Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s: A Groundbreaking Approach for Everyone Dealing with the Disease

More than four million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s, and as many as twenty million have close relatives or friends with the disease. Revolutionizing the way we perceive and live with Alzheimer’s, Joanne Koenig Coste offers a practical approach to the emotional well-being of both patients and caregivers that emphasizes relating to patients in their own reality. Her accessible and comprehensive method, which she calls habilitation, works to enhance communication between carepartners and patients and has proven successful with thousands of people living with dementia. Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s also offers hundreds of practical tips, including how to · cope with the diagnosis and adjust to the disease’s progression · help the patient talk about the illness · face the issue of driving · make meals and bath times as pleasant as possible · adjust room design for the patient’s comfort · deal with wandering, paranoia, and aggression

  • ISBN13: 9780618485178
  • Condition: USED – VERY GOOD
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Rating: (out of 42 reviews)

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Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s: A Groundbreaking Approach for Everyone Dealing with the Disease Reviews

Review by texellence:

If you are experiencing this disease with a loved one, then you know the loneliness and frustration of trying to be all the person you care for needs. My sister bought this book, read it overnight, highlighted and post-it tabbed the most important parts, mailed it to me priority mail, and i have used it at night as a touchstone for salvation. It is indeed a bible for HOW to treat your loved one. I use it to get what I need to know in terms of sensitivity to what my cared for relative needs. I would be lost without it…it will help keep you on a path of the right relationship with your loved one that you will want to live up to. I promise you ,read it, highlight it, and you will not ever look back and regret anything you did, if you follow its advice. A true gift.

Review by Daniel Kuhn:

Those new to Alzheimer’s disease will find this book to be a helpful guide. Even those who are familar with caring for someone with the disease will find nuggets of wisdom in the middle section, “The Five Tenets of Habilitation.” It is here where Joanne Koenig Coste is at her best in describing how to preserve the personhood of those with dementia. This section alone makes the entire book worthwhile. It’s about time Joanne put her thoughts into a book–she has been helping people navigate their way through the choppy waters of Alzheimer’s for over 20 years!

Buy Learning to Speak Alzheimer’s: A Groundbreaking Approach for Everyone Dealing with the Disease now for only $ 7.64!

A Caregiver’s Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier

Written for patients, their families, and caregivers, the practical information here will help readers understand what is physically happening to the brain so they can empower their own special skills and talents throughout the disease process. The book is divided into three sections that correspond to the progression of Alzheimer’s, and the unique challenges encountered at each stage. *Section A: The four stages of Alzheimer’s with hundreds of practical tips for coping at each level *Section B: Q&A for caregivers, including legal and financial issues, medication, helping children understand, handling the holidays and more. *Section C: Resources and websites. This is an essential book for all those who want to focus on the capabilities that remain instead of those that have been lost.

  • ISBN13: 9781932603163
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Rating: (out of 12 reviews)

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A Caregiver’s Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier Reviews

Review by Gina Lypaczewski:

This book gives a clear and concise summary of changes which occur in the brain and in the behavior of the patient with Alzheimer’s Disease. Dividing the book into three sections based on the stages of the disease is very useful. The tips for making life easier can easily be implemented.

Review by Angela Thomas:

I am a geriatric care manager and was the primary caregiver for my aunt for 7 years before she died from AD. The experience of caring for her was challenging but also very positive and life transforming for me. This book captures the heart of my experience and presents Alzheimer’s Disease and caring for a loved one with it in a very life affirming way. It gives hope and meaning to a difficult but not hopeless situation. The many practical ideas presented in the book are invaluable and come straight from the real lives of experienced caregivers. I can highly recommend it.

The companion volume, “Alzheimer’s Disease: The Dignity Within: A Handbook for Caregivers, Family and Friends” is also excellent.

Buy A Caregiver’s Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier now for only $ 9.28!

Alzheimer’s from the Inside Out

Receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease profoundly alters lives and creates endless uncertainty about the future. How does a person cope with such a life-changing discovery? What are the hopes and fears of someone living with this disease? How does he want to be treated? How does he feel as the disease alters his brain, his relationships, and ultimately himself? Richard Taylor provides illuminating responses to these and many other questions in this collection of provocative essays. Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at age 61, the former psychologist courageously shares an account of his slow transformation and deterioration and the growing division between his world and the world of others. With poignant clarity, candor, and even occasional humor, more than 80 brief essays address difficult issues faced by those with Alzheimer’s disease, including
• the loss of independence and personhood
• unwanted personality shifts
• communication difficulties
• changes in relationships with loved ones and friends
• the declining ability to perform familiar tasks This rare, insightful exploration into the world of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease is a captivating read for anyone affected personally or professionally by the devastating disease. Individuals with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease will take comfort in the voice of a fellow traveler experiencing similar challenges, frustrations, and triumphs. Family and professional caregivers will be enlightened by Taylor’s revealing words, gaining a better understanding of an unfathomable world and how best to care for someone living in it.

Rating: (out of 23 reviews)

List Price: $ 19.95
Price: $ 12.85

Alzheimer’s from the Inside Out Reviews

Review by Susan L. Mccandless:

Very few books can be all things to all people. This comes very close. I have read most of the others, including the very few written by the people affected by some kind of brain condition that changes them, their behavior, their perceptions of themselves, and people’s and society’s perceptions of them as individuals. This book, written by a highly intelligent and verbal retired psychologist, a professional, about his own progression through the early stages of dementia, probably of the Alzheimer’s type (medical people have to use that phrase as only a biopsy of the brain is definitive right now), is for everyone. Those affected, their loved ones, professionals working with those affected, academicians/researchers looking for insights, psychologists, sociologists, psychoneurologists, etc. etc. It is not just about dementia. Any brain problem that changes the person is equally relevant. I know what I speak about. I am also a retired psychologist, diagnosed with Pick’s Disease, a dementia of the frontotemporal form. The causes may be irrelevant to most readers (build-up of certain proteins in the brain, vascular misfunctioning, whatever). It is the existential reality that is explored here, with exquisite insight, and humor as well. I have never met this man, but I certainly know him well now. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

Review by Mona Johnson:

Alzheimer’s from the Inside Out is a stunning achievement. In this collection of essays, Richard Taylor gets at the essence of dementia, and how it has redefined his relationships with family, friends and even with himself.

There are no answers when it comes to Alzheimer’s, but Richard asks all the right questions. Alzheimer’s from the Inside Out is much more than a resource for anyone dealing with the disease. Although the book includes plenty of practical information, Richard goes beyond test scores, standard medications and neuroimaging to the more important philosophical and psychological aspects of life after diagnosis. He takes the focus off the disease, and puts it back on the person.

I wish I’d read this book when my father were alive. I would have worried less about what was wrong with him and worried more about just being with him.

Buy Alzheimer’s from the Inside Out now for only $ 12.85!

Alzheimer’s: A Caretaker’s Journal

An inspirational tale of one family’s love, devotion and faith When I arrived, I approached the figure in the wheelchair. I asked him who I was but my father-in-law did not recognize me. When I tried to help him, he became angry and violent. He tried to get out of his wheelchair and away from me. He yelled, “No! You are not taking me back to Germany! You are all Nazis! You are all trying to kill me.” Dad won a Bronze Star Medal for his service during WWII. It took three of us to get him outside to the car. Dad had his fists to me, a growl on his face and threatened to kick me. Then the swearing began . This is a book about the daily trials and tribulations of taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease. In this Journal I share the feelings of confusion, frustration, and blessings I experienced during my ordeal. I wrote this Journal both for myself and with the hope that it might help others deal with similar situations. It’s important for caretakers to know that they’re not alone, that others have experienced the same frustrations. Sometimes a caretaker feels very isolated-the world, after all, doesn’t stop, despite the sense that your world is frozen in time. I’m hoping that this book will offer comfort to those who find themselves in that world. In this Journal I record the little things I did, daily, to preserve my sanity and provide my father-in-law with as nearly a normal life as possible. It is a tale of thoughts, stories, anecdotes, as well as feelings of helplessness, guilt, happiness, and sorrow. If you feel

Rating: (out of 6 reviews)

List Price: $ 10.95
Price: $ 6.03

Alzheimer’s: A Caretaker’s Journal Reviews

Review by Brenda Avadian:

Alzheimer’s: A Caretaker’s Journal by Marie Fostino and published by Seabord Press in late 2007 is one of those rare family caregiver books written in real time. Unlike many caregiving books written as recollections of caregiving experiences from years ago, Fostino’s book is fresh, compelling, vivid, and poignant. It accomplishes its aim in helping the caregiver know what to expect.

What a gift! Joe Fostino had a saint for a daughter-in-law! How else can one describe the heroic deeds simply told? The highs, the lows; the joys, the tears; the frustrations, even the anger; and the commitment–yes, the unwavering commitment of a loving mother of five who devotedly cared for her father-in-law in a manner unparalled during the past decade.

Alzheimer’s: A Caretaker’s Journal begins with a brief history of war hero Joe Fostino and features letters from Joe’s son (the author’s husband) and two of her five children. Fostino then opens her private journal for the benefit of caregivers, family members, and all who want to learn more about caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease.

If you’re a caregiver or plan to be one, do yourself a favor, buy this book! If you know of a caregiver who could use a helping hand, give this book as a gift. If you are a professional, share copies of this book with your clients.

You will be warmly touched and heavenly inspired by the story of St. Marie Fostino, who juggled long work hours while lovingly tending to her father-in-law’s day-to-day needs for two years until his final breath.

Reviewed at TheCaregiversVoice.com/blog on April 9, 2008

Review by Walman, J.:

This book doesn’t hold back. It lets you know a real women’s struggle while taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer’s. This is a TRUE JOURNAL. This book proves it’s OK to be human, we all make mistakes. It informs you of the difficulties and struggles that lie ahead. Again, this book doesn’t hold back. It shows how one family overcame an unfortunate situation and fought to take care of their loved one. It builds one’s spirit up and shows them it can be done.

Buy Alzheimer’s: A Caretaker’s Journal now for only $ 6.03!

Redware Tableware :: for Alzheimer’s patients

Why red? Studies show Alzheimer patients increase food intake by 24% and liquid by 84% due to red color. Deluxe Set includes sectioned scoop dish with lid, Inner Lip plate, cup, fork and spoon. Basic Set includes scooper dish with nonskid base, cup, fork and spoon.People who have Alzheimers disease experience impairments not only in their cognitive abilities but also in their physiological status. Approximately 40% of Alzheimers patients experience significant weight loss. This weight loss may be due to many different factors but a study out of Boston University suggests that significant weight loss is due in part to the loss of the ability to distinguish contrast between colors.People with Alzheimer’s are not able to distinguish light colored food and drink on or in typically light colored tableware. When using tableware that offered a high contrast to the food and drink (i.e.: bright red and bright blue), researchers noticed that the participants in the study increased their food intake by 24% and liquid intake by 84%.Redware Tableware Features: High contrast colors increase food intake. Redware Tableware Basic Set Specifications: Scooper Dish with Non-Skid Base Built-Up Fork and Spoon Drinking Cup Redware Tableware Deluxe Set Specifications: Partitioned Scoop Dish with Lid Built-Up Fork and Spoon Drinking Cup Inner Lip Plate

Price: $ 29.95

The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for People with Alzheimer Disease, Other Dementias, and Memory Loss in Later Life, 4th Edition

Revised in 2006 for its twenty-fifth anniversary, this best-selling book is the “bible” for families caring for people with Alzheimer disease, offering comfort and support to millions worldwide. In addition to the practical and compassionate guidance that have made The 36-Hour Day invaluable to caregivers, the fourth edition is the only edition currently available that includes new information on medical research and the delivery of care. The new edition includes:-new information on diagnostic evaluation-resources for families and adult children who care for people with dementia-updated legal and financial information-the latest information on nursing homes and other communal living arrangements-new information on research, medications, and the biological causes and effects of dementiaAlso available in a large print editionPraise for The 36-Hour Day:

  • ISBN13: 9780801885099
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Rating: (out of 95 reviews)

List Price: $ 16.95
Price: $ 10.00

The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for People with Alzheimer Disease, Other Dementias, and Memory Loss in Later Life, 4th Edition Reviews

Review by Donna M. Blancero:

For those of us who are caregivers, this book is a lifesaver. Before reading this book I was certain that many of the behaviors that my family member exhibits were unique to her. While I often read about Alzheimer’s, I never read anything that made me stop and realize that, first, I am not alone, and second, that there are ways that I can handle situations better. This book is full of great suggestions on how to deal with the many behavioral issues that are exhibited by those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Whenever I have an especially difficult day, I go online to the Alzheimer’s page and remind myself how difficult it is for my family member. This book drove home that message, yet more importantly provided me with some tools on how to deal with these issues. I cannot stress enough how much I thought our situation and the behaviors were unique; it is liberating to realize that they are not. As well, understanding why the person exhibits such behaviors makes it much easier to respond correctly.

I wish I could thank the authors personally for this book. I hope they both know that their wisdom, concern and awareness of the Alzheimer patient has made a difference for me, and I am certain has made a difference for many others.

Caregivers — buy this book, you will find some stress greatly diminished.

Review by :

The book is informative, explicit for people who know nothing about mental health and diseases of the mind. Good for the lay person, the afflicted person, all of the family. Gives insight and helps with understanding care of the patient, and the grief involved for those around the patient. Good reference–I will be using it in a church group setting also.

Buy The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for People with Alzheimer Disease, Other Dementias, and Memory Loss in Later Life, 4th Edition now for only $ 10.00!

The Alzheimer’s Project

Alzheimer’s is the second-most-feared illness in America following cancer, and it is the nation’s sixth leading cause of death. Is such anxiety justified? The answer, until recently, was not comforting. The Alzheimer’s Project consists of 4 films. The anchor of The Alzheimer’s Project series is Momentum in Science which features 25 leading scientists, a primetime state-of-the-science report revealing the most cutting-edge research advances. The three additional primetime specials (The Memory Lost Tapes; Grandpa, Will You Remember Me? With Maria Shriver; and Caregivers) capture what it means to experience the disease, to be a child or grandchild of one who suffers, and to care for those who are affected. Alzheimer’s is an irreversible and progressive brain disease that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills. Since advancing age is the strongest risk factor for Alzheimer’s, as the baby boom generation reaches retirement in 2011, the number of those affected will soar. Hard scientific inquiry is demonstrating that there are a number of ways that we can improve our chances of remaining cognitively vital throughout a long life. These findings are presented in this special.

Rating: (out of 15 reviews)

List Price: $ 24.98
Price: $ 17.96

The Alzheimer’s Project Reviews

Review by Margo:

My parents are in their 90s and we just assumed when they were in their 80s that senility/dementia was just something that came along with the territory of advanced age. The five years between 85 and 90 were the most painful years of all our lives. We had no information on Altzheimers, no specialty doctors (like geriatric medicine), no housing facilities that would take both of them — after 70 years of marriage they refused to be separated. We tried to get caregivers 24/7 but could only get untrained babysitters. And it cost a fortune. Then we viewed this wonderful documentary.

We learned a thousand things about the disease that we didn’t know before. We learned what medications there are to slow down the disease. We learned that age is only one marker of the disease, as is heredity. The vignettes of the patients and families and doctors and caregivers are touching. They give the general audience an idea of what these people are going through. More important, though, is what the documentary tells us about our future as we age. Every man, woman, and adolescent ought to see this film to understand 1) what is happening to their dear ones and 2) the liklihood of your getting the disease.

As the documentary states, the brain is a muscle that can put out more neurons if it is oxygenated (exercise, exercise) and if one’s lifestyle is sedentary, the brain atrophies.

Please watch this, and tell eveyone you know about it.

Review by Jennie Jennings:

I work with the elderly. This DVD collection was shown on HBO, I watched it and was so taken with the contents that I purchased it so that everyone at work could view it. Understanding Alzheimer’s is very important to everyone, not just health care workers. This collection helps others to understand what the person affected is going through and what you can do to help. My husbands grandfather suffered from this disease for 7 years until his death. After watching the DVD’s my husband now understands what was really happening. He stated that he wished he could have seen this when his grandfather was in the early stages to help prepare for what was happening and how he could have helped more.

Buy The Alzheimer’s Project now for only $ 17.96!

The Alzheimer’s Action Plan: What You Need to Know–and What You Can Do–about Memory Problems, from Prevention to Early Intervention and Care

What would you do if your mother was having memory problems?

Five million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease, with a new diagnosis being made every seventy-two seconds, with millions more at risk. Although experts agree that early diagnosis and treatment are essential, families don’t know where to turn for authoritative, state-of-the-art advice and answers to all of their questions.

Now, combining the insights of a world-class physician and an award-winning social worker, this ground-breaking book tells you everything you need to know, including:The best tests to determine if this is—or is not—Alzheimer’s disease The most (and least) effective medical treatments Coping with the effects Gaining access to the latest clinical trials Understanding the future of Alzheimer’sClear, compassionate, and empowering, The Alzheimer’s Action Plan is a must-read. P. Murali Doraiswamy, M.D., “a leading researcher in the field” (The Wall Street Journal), is Chief of Biological Psychiatry at Duke University Medical Center.

Lisa P. Gwyther, M.S.W., is the founding director of Duke’s Alzheimer’s Family Support Program and a former president of the Gerontological Society of America.

Tina Adler is a science and health writer who has also cared for two family members who had Alzheimer’s. Recipient of an Honorable Mention from The American Medical Writers Association

Five million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease, with a new diagnosis being made every

  • ISBN13: 9780312538712
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Rating: (out of 16 reviews)

List Price: $ 16.95
Price: $ 8.99

The Alzheimer’s Action Plan: What You Need to Know–and What You Can Do–about Memory Problems, from Prevention to Early Intervention and Care Reviews

Review by Subuhi Husain:

As a family member taking care of a patient with Alzheimer’s Disease this is a great guide to help in day to day care of your loved one. It also provides easy to understand complex medical treatment choices as well as social interventions. Highly recommended resource for Alzheimer’s Disease. Great writing style.

Review by M. Chilukuri:

This book gives me the latest research based information from two world class experts on Alzheimer’s in terms of diagnostic tools, treatment options, and caregiving issues and all the complexities involved with every one of these aspects.

As memory problems and dementia are to be faced by many of us in ourselves or our loved ones at some point in our lives, this great resource has helped me take better charge of this important issue.

Buy The Alzheimer’s Action Plan: What You Need to Know–and What You Can Do–about Memory Problems, from Prevention to Early Intervention and Care now for only $ 8.99!

Still Alice

Still Alice is a compelling debut novel about a 50-year-old woman’s sudden descent into early onset Alzheimer’s disease, written by first-time author Lisa Genova, who holds a Ph. D in neuroscience from Harvard University. Alice Howland, happily married with three grown children and a house on the Cape, is a celebrated Harvard professor at the height of her career when she notices a forgetfulness creeping into her life. As confusion starts to cloud her thinking and her memory begins to fail her, she receives a devastating diagnosis: early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Fiercely independent, Alice struggles to maintain her lifestyle and live in the moment, even as her sense of self is being stripped away. In turns heartbreaking, inspiring and terrifying, Still Alice captures in remarkable detail what’s it’s like to literally lose your mind… Reminiscent of A Beautiful Mind, Ordinary People and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, Still Alice packs a powerful emotional punch and marks the arrival of a strong new voice in fiction.

  • ISBN13: 9781439102817
  • Condition: NEW
  • Notes: Brand New from Publisher. No Remainder Mark.

Rating: (out of 328 reviews)

List Price: $ 15.00
Price: $ 5.25

Still Alice Reviews

Review by drebbles:

When Dr. Alice Howland first starts forgetting things like words when giving a speech, she thinks it might be because of menopause. But when she gets lost jogging near her house, on a route she has taken many times, she knows something is seriously wrong and seeks medical help. Not quite fifty, she is totally unprepared for the diagnosis – early onset Alzheimer’s. As the disease progresses, Alice and her husband John learn everything they can about the disease and treatments, but Alzheimer’s quickly takes its toll on both Alice and her family.

“Still Alice” is a beautifully written, heartbreaking novel about the devastating affect Alzheimer’s has on its victims and their families. Author Lisa Genova’s choice of Alice – young, in shape, and intelligent (she’s a Psychiatry Professor at Harvard) – shows that Alzheimer’s can strike anyone, not just the elderly. The book is written from Alice’s viewpoint, but Genova does a good job of showing the affect of Alzheimer’s not only on Alice, but how her family (John, and their children – Anna, Tom, and Lydia) struggle with the changes in Alice. Genova does an excellent job of describing what is going on in Alice’s head as the dementia increases. In fact, Genova does such a good job that I sometimes forgot the book was fiction and not about a real person.

“Still Alice” takes place over a relatively short period of time (September 2002 to September 2005) and it is frightening how fast the Alzheimer’s takes over Alice. Genova skillfully captures the bewilderment Alice feels and there are some moments in the book that are very moving – especially a moment involving a black rug and a moment involving a message a healthier Alice left for a sicker Alice. The reaction of Alice’s family as they deal not only with her having Alzheimer’s but the fact that her children may inherit the disease is very realistic. Inevitably, of course, life goes on and Genova expertly shows Alice’s family as they move on with their lives, even if readers won’t always agree with their actions. If I have any quibble with the book, it’s that it is one chapter too long – the second to last chapter ended on a poignant note and I think Genova should have stopped the book there.

“Still Alice” is a moving tale about the devastating affect Alzheimer’s can have on a family. (A portion of the sale of each novel will go to the Alzheimer’s Association.)

Review by Don Moyer:

In “Still Alice” it is uncanny how Lisa Genova gets everything right. Reading it was like reliving the adventure Jenny Knauss and I have had with AD since her diagnosis the first of April 2002.

We have good friends who have written first person accounts of living with AD – Tracy Mobley, Charles Schnieder, and Richard Taylor – and those, and other, particular accounts are invaluable.

Lisa has followed the path of fiction to create a more universal picture of AD. Here many morsels of AD are distilled into the life of one person – Alice – which makes a very potent brew. In fiction Lisa can artfully connect the lurches and crashes of AD and carry the reader along smoothly, but with a powerful driving force. Many a signature morsel of AD is blended so artfully that one doesn’t realize that it is there until the taste is almost over – as it is in reality.

And, there is a progressive point of view. Rather than treat people living with AD as victims who need help from the social workers dominating the AD establishment, we should treat Alice as still Alice still living her still real life.

The speech by Alice (pages 249 to 252) to a fictional plenary symposium of the annual Alzheimer’s Association Dementia Care Conference of 2005 is a manifesto for the progressive view that our approach to AD should be to help people living with AD enrich their lives and have fun. (Jenny made the same points in a conversation for a plenary symposium at the actual Dementia Care Conference in July 2005.)

This book should be read not just by everyone embarking on an adventure with AD, but by everyone. It will give you the most potent and universal understanding of the AD experience, and it will motivate you to become a champion for the more progressive view of AD.

I predict that this wonderful book will become a best seller because of praise by readers.

Buy Still Alice now for only $ 5.25!

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