Alternative Thyroid Treatments

One of the main functions of the endocrine system (a collective name for the organs of the body that secrete substances like hormones into blood or lymph) in our body is to regulate metabolism. Metabolism is a series of complicated continuous processes that include converting food, water and oxygen into tissue, energy, and waste products. The thyroid, pituitary, adrenal, parathyroid, pancreas, ovaries, and testes are the chief endocrine glands.

Although small in size, the thyroid has a significant role in the performance of the endocrine system. It produces hormones like thyroxin (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) that regulate the metabolism rate of the body. Any condition that disturbs the delicate balance of level of hormones produced by the thyroid has the potential of causing thyroid diseases like hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, and goiter.

Thyroid diseases are the most under diagnosed diseases since they do not surface suddenly or acutely. Moreover, the symptoms of thyroid diseases are often confused with other conditions because almost all of them are very general in nature. To add to the puzzle, there is a continuous debate among the experts about the manner in which inferences should be drawn from the results of laboratory tests that are advised for diagnosing thyroid diseases. For example, some doctors believe that the TSH test is a definite proof to establish a thyroid disease, whereas, others contend that T4 gets converted to T3 at the pituitary level and any excess generation of T3 can also suppress TSH artificially. Therefore, a test showing levels within the normal range is not a confirmation of the presence of a thyroid disease.

The thyroid treatment regime involves drugs to maintain the level of hormones. For example, thyroid medications for hypothyroidism will attempt to replenish the supply of hormones that are deficient. Like all synthetically prepared drugs, these too have side effects that may become more difficult to mange than the thyroid disease they are meant to cure.

Luckily there are, home remedies and alternative thyroid treatments that are safe and have a proven track record as well.

More than anything else, an unhealthy diet is considered to be one of the major causes behind the increase in the incidence of thyroid diseases. It is a common knowledge that low iodine intake results in low thyroid function and ultimately to goiter. Iodized salt has failed to correct this deficiency because certain goitrogens present in our diet block iodine. However, peanuts, peanut butter, soybeans and soybean oil are known goitrogens have become a part and parcel of diet in many societies since they are known to reduce the chances of thyroid-related problem.

Natural thyroid medication includes natural supplements and a regulated diet regime. Coconut oil is a primary natural source of medium-chain triglycerides and offers health benefits for patients of hypothyroidism by revving up the slow metabolic.

Ages ago, the Indian science of medicine, Ayurveda, declared that a diet that is rich in milk, milk products, cane sugar juice, barley, and lentils goes a long way to keep goiter away. Yoga too has numerous exercise postures called asanas, which apply pressure on the thyroid gland in a manner that has dramatic effects on the ability of the thyroid to function improving circulation and squeezing out stagnant secretions.

Homoeopathy is based entirely on natural remedies and forms an integral part of alternative thyroid treatments. Remedies like Calcarea carbonica, Lapis albus, Iodine, Spongia tosta, Lycopus, Virginicus, Thyroidine, Natrum muriaticum have proven their worth as an effective natural thyroid medication.

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