Alternative Therapy & Back Pain

Have you been having pain in your back and having no luck with treatments at the doctor? You are not the only one. The number one reason why people end up on disability is because of their backs.

In America, we shell out a mind blowing fifty billion dollars a year on it. Eighty percent of us has, or will, have trouble with our backs at some point in our lives. The most alarming part of the whole thing is that, in most cases, there will never be a cause found.

Because it is so hard to find a cause or a cure many people are starting to receive alternative therapy for their problem. Things that are being done include tai chi, yoga, acupuncture and massage. To put this into perspective, consider this: 14 percent of people who visit an acupuncturist and 20 percent who receive a massage are going because of back problems.

The question is are these treatments working?

We are still trying to find out whether the alternative therapies are working, or not. There are positive results toward massage and spinal manipulation but not enough evidence to show whether or not acupuncture is a good choice.

Massage has been shown to help the sufferer function better and also to help get rid of the pain. Spinal manipulation has been found to get about the same results as conventional medicine. The conventional medicine treatments include OTC (Over The Counter) pain killers and several different types of physical therapy.

What are some additional ways to help relieve back pain?

Mild symptoms of backache may be relieved by applying a heating pad or hot water bottle to the affected area. Over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen or paracetamol can help to reduce swelling and ease pain. More severe symptoms of backache may be treated with analgesics, NSAIDs, muscle relaxants, trigger point and ligament injections.

Physical therapy that involves TENS (trans-electrical nerve stimulation), behavioral therapy, back exercises, spinal manipulation and EMG feedback is also beneficial. Your doctor may also refer you to a chiropractor for spinal manipulation. Other treatment options that are effective when used together with medication include acupuncture, massage, hydrotherapy, biofeedback, meditation and yoga.

Natural and holistic medicine has been used for thousands of years to treat the pain and discomfort of backache. Treatments such as herbal and homeopathic remedies are safe and gentle to use without the unwanted side effects of prescription medicine. These herbs do not only provide symptomatic relief but are also effective for your overall health and wellbeing.

Herbal ingredients such as Harpagophytum procumbens (Devil’s Claw) boasts powerful properties that help to maintain back health while Glucosamine sulphate is excellent for joints and cartilages. In addition, Boswellia serata promotes joint and muscle comfort and mobility.

There are several useful tips to avoid backache and these include:

  • Improve your posture
  • Regular back and abdominal exercises can keep your back in excellent physical condition
  • Ensure that your mattress provides firm support
  • Sleep on your side (in an “S” shape) or place pillows between your knees to provide comfort to your back
  • If you lift heavy objects, bend at the hips and knees, and keep your back straight
  • Wear flat shoes with a good arch support if you stand for long periods of time
  • Take regular breaks and move around rather than sit or stand in one position for several hours
  • Sit on an ergonomic chair when working on a computer or make sure that your chair supports the small of your back
  • Reduce the weight of your handbag, as a heavy load creates stress on your spine
  • Avoid wearing high heeled shoes, as they can lead to back pain

The most important thing you can do, on your own time, is to try and increase the strength in your back. Many studies have shown that when someone is experiencing chronic back pain the muscles that surround the spine are inhibited and the most sensible treatment is a program aimed at strengthening these muscles.

This should be done on equipment that has been calibrated. The goal is to start out light and slowly increase the tension, while keeping track of your performance and progress. The type of environment that you should seek out is a physical therapy gym, or something similar.

JointEase Plus is a natural herbal formula for arthritis and joint-related problems. Provides relief from painful joint conditions, lower back ache; any form of arthritis, fibrositis, myalgia or rheumatism; degenerative musculo-skeletal conditions. JointEase, which is formulated by a Clinical Psychologist, is a natural alternative to prescription anti-inflammatory drugs and manufactured to the highest pharmaceutical standards.

If you choose to use alternative treatments then you should notify your doctor about this. It is always better to have your health practitioners working together than to leave one of them in the dark. Each of them might still have some knowledge that can help you get back on your feet.

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