Working With Crystals

Most people will choose the crystal which will best assist them in the situation they need it for. Crystals are often used for clearing your mind, helping with a physical problem, meditation, charms for protection for yourself or your home, for healing, for chakra work, for stone elixirs, or for anything that seems suitable.

Select the crystal which has the properties to help you. A list has been provided in order to help you with choosing your crystal. Or…..simply pick the stone that “calls” to you! First decide why you are doing the crystal work. Is it for you or someone else? What is the problem? Do you need to give or receive energy? What does it require?

* Select the stone which has the properties to help you.

*For energy, carry the stones with you, either in a little pouch around your neck or in your pocket or pocketbook.

* For meditation , hold the stone in your hand or set it in front of you. If in a meditation group, sit the crystal in the center of the group for collective consciousness.

*For healing. In a full-scale crystal working, ask the stone for its energies and utilize them. In healing, place the crystal on the part of the body where you need it. For Chakra and Aura work, choose crystals of the appropriate color and properties. Place the stone on the afflicted area and feel it’s energies work as it re-balances the energy centers. You can hold the stone in your receptive hand to absorb the healing energies. At the end of the process, the stone is probably depleted of much of it’s energy. Thank your crystal and then cleanse it (see below). Remember, most stones will retain these negative energies.

* For crystal elixirs: place the stone in a bottle and fill the bottle with distilled water, Place it in the sun/moon for 24-48 hours, then use the water as a topical spritzer or rub. The water is “energetically charged” by this process.

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