What Are Chakras?

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The human body comprises many energy systems and etheric structures, the most important of which are the chakras.

There are seven major chakras that run along the main vertical line of the body.

Chakras regulate the flow of consciousness into and from the body.

Chakras relate to all levels of human life - emotional, physical, mental and spiritual

CROWN CHAKRA - Located at crown of head

Symbol - 1000 petaled Lotus Flower Colour - Violet, White, Gold Element - All elements Associated body parts - Brain, Cerebellum, Skull Related Crystal - Amethyst, Quartz, Sapphire, Topaz The consciousness of soul.

The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head often called the soft spot. It holds issues related to one�s understanding of Divinity and the intelligence of the universe. The questions �Who am I and why am I here?� relate directly to the Crown Chakra. If balanced you become aware of a sense of being one with all life and the consciousness behind all things. If this Chakra is off balance you have the feeling of being disconnected from Spirit, feeling spiritually alone and a lack of belonging to the Cosmos. Meditation on the Crown Chakra can restore the balance and help you to feel at one with universal consciousness and at the same time receive a sensation of peace and protection.


Symbol - 96 petaled Lotus Flower Colour - Indigo Element - All elements Associated body parts - Face, Eyes, Nose, Sinuses Related Crystal - Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Opal

The consciousness of knowing. Located between the brows, it is often referred to as the Third Eye. The Brow Chakra holds issues related to spirituality, intuition, spiritual sight and seeing past the physical veil. It relates to the ability to see, to know and to visualise. The concept of inner sight is associated with the 6th Chakra. Whatever we perceive we can achieve. Meditation on the Third Eye can bring inner peace and a feeling of being centred in the very core of your being. It opens gateway to knowledge. If balanced is promotes spiritual knowing, wisdom, vision, imagination and insight. If off balance there may be a lack of clarity, naivet� or rigid thinking, a lack of deeper understanding and spiritual insight.

THROAT CHAKRA - Located mid throat

Symbol - 16 petaled Lotus Flower Colour - Blue, Cyan Element - Ether Associated body parts - Throat, Thyroid, vocal chords, bronchioles, neck Related Crystal - Aquamarine, Turquoise

The consciousness of expression. Located in the throat area, it relates to your expression and communicative consciousness. The concept of dialogue with both yourself as a spiritual being and those who support you such as guides and spiritual teachers. The Throat Chakra holds issues related to speaking and hearing the truth, will power and all communication. Meditating on this Chakra opens the channel for more harmonious expression of the self and the ability to communicate your truth and be clearly understood. If balanced it promotes the ability to trust the higher plan of life, being able to speak and hear inner wisdom. If off balance it results in lack of trust, holding back or excessive communication, a lack of truth and a frustrated will.

HEART CHAKRA - Located mid chest

Symbol - 12 petaled Lotus Flower Colour - Green Element - Air Associated body parts - Heart, Upper Back, Chest, Skin, Circulation Related Crystal - Emerald, Green Jade, Rose Quartz.

The consciousness of love. This is the centre of compassion, transformation and forgiveness. The concept of touch relates to the heart chakra and shows the ability to reach out from the heart to others. The transformational process of forgiveness can be meditated on through this Chakra. It holds issues related to love of self and others, relating, and the capacity to give and receive. If balanced it promotes the freedom to love, to be vulnerable and experience the love of others. Free relationships. If off balance it results in ear of giving and/or receiving, being closed to love and the joy of intimacy.

SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA - Located above navel

Symbol - 10 petaled Lotus Flower Colour - Yellow Element - Fire Associated body parts - Lower back, abdomen, stomach, liver , spleen, Digestive system Related Crystal - Amber, Tiger�s Eye, Citrine, Agate

The consciousness of being. This is the largest Chakra resembling a brilliant ball of yellow light. It holds the concept of gathering. Gut feeling is felt here and it holds emotions such as fear and anger. It reflects issues related to self worth, fears, a sense of personal truth and integrity. The solar plexus Chakra is indicative of our will that directs us to action. By Meditating here one can release from the obstacles such as self worth that prevent us from realising our dreams. If balanced it promotes a sense of identity, worth, the power to be true to yourself in the world and truth. If off balance it results in ego or low self esteem, feeling untrue to self, lack of identity, fears that rob you of your purpose and power.

LOWER CHAKRA - Located below navel

Symbol - 6 petaled Lotus Flower Colour - Orange Element - Water Associated body parts - Reproductive organs, bladder, kidney, body fluids Related Crystal - Moonstone, Carnelian, Tourmaline

The consciousness of creation. Located at the Sacral Centre. It is associated with creative expression. It has feminine qualities and reflects our ability for pleasure and relaxation. It is the area of inner knowing and self love. The Lower Abdomen Chakra holds issues related to finance, the ability to create in one�s world, sexuality and personal power. If balanced it promotes sensuality, material stability and abundant resources. If off balance it results in the denial or exaggeration of sexual energy, unmet desires, lack of creative power, issues with financial resources

ROOT CHAKRA - Located at the Perineum

Symbol - 4 petaled Lotus Flower Colour - Red Element - Earth Associated body parts - Bones, Teeth, Nails, Arms, Legs, Anus, Prostate. Related Crystal - Ruby, Bloodstone, Garnet, Smoky Quartz

The consciousness of physicality. It is located at the base of the spine in the area of the Coccyx. It reflects your security, roots, family, traditions and your ability to heal. Holds issues related to early childhood, your relationships and general physical well-being. It is from this region that all survival based fear emanates. If balanced it promotes a sense of safety, being grounded and a feeling of belonging to earth. If off balance in results in fear, low immunity, feeling unwanted and out of touch with physical reality


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