Using Sound To Release Emotions

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The role of emotions is very important to overall health and wellness. In my healing journey with Vibrational Yoga Therapy and in using it with the clients I assist, I have experienced the true healing power of honoring and expressing emotions and their sounds in a safe and sacred healing space, where the intent is to heal and become whole.

According to the ancient healing tradition of Chinese medicine and Yogic traditions, emotions play a key role in understanding dis-ease. The Five-Element Cycle has each element linked to a Yin/Yang organ, emotion and sound as well as other categories not mentioned here.

They are:

Wood - Liver/Gall Bladder - Anger - Shout Fire - Heart/Small Intestine - Joy - Laugh Earth - Spleen/Stomach - Worry - Sing Metal - Lung/Large Intestine - Grief - Weep Water - Kidney/Urinary Bladder - Fear - Groan

Other emotions that are powerful forces energetically are rage, hatred, bitterness, heartlessness, and shock. Many times, they also have accompanying sounds when the intent is to resolve the feelings and usher in healing and wholeness. Emotions-energy in motion-are experienced and felt on a vibrational level in the body and need a receptive, sacred space to be expressed. The emotions themselves are not the cause of dis-ease. The suppression, denial and avoidance of what is being felt ,is what sets the stage for dis-ease and imbalance.

Sound, being a vibrational energy, has a key role in overall health as well. When the sound is allowed to vibrate in relation to the emotion that is felt, energy that was blocked is freed up in the physical and astral bodies. In practice, for example, when grief is felt and the energy that often wells up in the chest, throat and eyes is allowed to move, weeping or crying may be the sound expressed. The actual sounding of the grief is a healing process because the energy is not blocked or held back to later manifest, sometimes years later, as a respiratory ailment, Sore Throat or Constipation. Being with the emotion and allowing it to tell its story in the form of a sound is key to resolving deeply rooted issues which often manifest physically. When the conscious awareness and intent to feel an emotion is present, and the sound is not judged or repressed, the awesome power of the vibrational energy of sound as movement is experienced. Vibration is movement, and when judgment is released on the form of that vibration or movement, authentic healing is possible.

Trusting the process, being willing to let go of “being in control” of a situation and honoring the space as safe and divinely protected are key in experiencing the healing benefits of sounding and emotional expression. Exploring parts of the self that may often be overlooked, misunderstood or judged can bring clarity, growth, and change for a healthier and more fulfilling life. By balancing the Charkras with Tuning Forks,and then taking the client thru a emotional release process, using vibrational Yoga therapy, one can get tremendous release, and bring ones self back into wholeness. The client is also inside a sacred healing space created for the process to unfold in a safe manner.

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Charles Lightwalker is a Metis shaman, author, medical intuitive, and healer. For more information visit the web site:

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