The Healing Energy of Crystals and Stones

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Whether in a home or a workspace, Crystals can be versatile healing partners, adapting to the changing needs of those who occupy the space. Their vibrations can change in response to the energies around them and to the direct intentions of those who are working with them. In effect, they can “rise” to meet new challenges depending upon the circumstances, their particular healing properties and how people choose to place and work with them.

Crystals can be an important ingredient in the recipe for creating a healthy, nourishing home or workspace. Like other elements, such as plant life and water features, Crystals offer another way to connect more fully with nature and bring its vibrant life-force energies into our habitats. Although the term crystal was used originally to refer to Quartz crystal, this term is popularly used today to refer to all members of the mineral kingdom. From easily accessible garden rocks to fine Gemstones, every member of the mineral kingdom has the potential to contribute to the health and well being of people and the spaces in which they live and work.

Crystals work by introducing specific energies that may promote greater health, balance and well being into a space. Like everything that exists in physical form, Crystals hold subtle vibrations and may be used to alter or “re-attune” the energy of a space. Ancient Healing Traditions The growing use of Crystals in healing today is not a New Age invention, but actually a return to the time-honored traditions that recognize nature’s healing gifts and the importance of coming into greater partnership and harmony with nature.

Crystals are included in the healing traditions of many native/indigenous cultures around the world, from the ancient Incas to present-day Native American, Aboriginal and African tribes. These cultures recognize the importance of our relationship with nature in promoting health, balance and harmony.

The current popularity of feng shui, the ancient art of placement, reflects renewed interest in returning to a more active partnership with nature. In feng shui, members of the mineral kingdom may be used to enhance the healthy energy or “chi” of a space. Crystals may be used to introduce specific energies, break up stagnant energies that accumulate or remedy other energetic challenges such as windowless rooms where energy does not flow healthfully. By introducing specific, subtle energies that are felt rather than seen, Crystals contribute a unique element to the design of a space. Resulting feelings and experiences may vary from person to person.

The energy of unconditional love, frequently incorporated into room designs through Crystals, is described as sweet, gentle or nourishing. Crystal vibrations that are experienced as peaceful, calming, strengthening or energizing are also popular choices to support rest, Meditation, healing or active living.

Whether working like energetic vacuum cleaners or re-attuning unhealthy energies into healthy vibrations, some Crystals are also used to help keep spaces energetically clean and healthy. They may help to partially remedy the unhealthy effects of electromagnetic fields generated by computers and appliances, or the stressful energies generated within spaces or their surrounding neighborhoods.

Selecting a Crystal

The first step in selecting a crystal to enhance a space is to identify the desired effect. For example, a person who is currently going through a divorce or other traumatic life event may wish to receive more nurturing and unconditional love. Another person, feeling the stress and fears of others nearby or in the world-at-large, may use Crystals to help create a calm and peaceful Meditation room or private healing space.

When this intention is created, the person’s own subtle energy serves as a Tuning Fork that helps direct him/her to the Crystals that may be most helpful. This process may manifest in different ways at various times. People may find themselves attracted to particular stones visually, through pleasing touch or by simply sensing that they feel a greater sense of well being when they hold them or are around them. Books about Crystals and suggestions from others, including feng shui consultants and other energy practitioners, may also be helpful.

Since crystal books talk about energy in fixed terms, and the energies of human beings and their spaces change constantly, these texts can be most useful by helping one to survey the broad possibilities first. The truest test of whether a particular stone is the right choice is always how the person experiences its effects.

The size of a stone may also be an important consideration. While stone size does not necessarily determine its energetic power, Crystals used in the environment generally need to be larger than those used for personal healing. However, the benefit of smaller Crystals increases by using multiple stones or by pairing them with higher vibration Crystals such as clear Quartz, which can amplify their energy. Pairing Crystals with plants or using them in partnership with other design elements such as color may also maximize their beneficial effects.

Old Favorites:

Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Aulmauracite While the crystal choices available are seemingly limitless, long-time favorites like Rose Quartz and Amethyst continue to be widely recommended and shared. Associated with the energy of unconditional love, Rose Quartz has long been a favorite of those seeking to share love, provide comfort during challenging times and return to balance after times of crisis. During times of stress and fear in the world, this stone’s sweet energy can help to create a space that enables one to feel nourished, supported and able to respond to the demands of the day. Although frequently used in bedrooms where it nourishes during sleep time, this crystal is also helpful in other areas of the home and office.

Amethyst, a rich purple stone, is also a versatile crystal partner. Its energy has both cleansing and elevating effects. Frequently used in healing rooms and other spaces, this stone’s energy can assist in clearing and maintaining a clean, nourishing space in places where stagnant energies may accumulate. Its refined, elevating qualities can be a welcome support in creating sacred spaces used for Meditation, contemplation and prayer.

Aulmauracite Power Rock - Each Power Rock is unique, and customizes itself to the energies and life’s mission statement of its user. Your spiritual quest and mission becomes its quest and mission if activated and used properly with benevolence and integrity.

About the author

Charles Lightwalker is a Metis shaman, author, medical intuitive, and healer. For more information visit the web site:


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