The Crystal Connection

Crystals are easier to work with than most of the hocus-pocus you may have heard about. They are a direct nature-link to the invisible, higher realms, and can rapidly help you develop your psychic abilities.

Developing your sensitivity to extend beyond the normal five senses is necessary to participate in the new dimension of exploration now upon us. Indeed, as we continue over the threshold of our physical world into a mental one, psychic ability may even become necessary to our very survival.

Everyone is equipped from the factory to do this, proven by the fact that we are only using an estimated three to five percent of our natural capabilities. You don’t have to be weird like me or have a near-death experience to awaken these qualities.

If you are new at this and want to give it a shot, go to one of the several crystal stores in the [Hawaiian] islands or find one of the 2,300 coast to coast near your home. Start with any plain, raw (unpolished) quartz crystal shard that you may be drawn to.

There is a saying about crystals: You will be drawn to the one that wants to be your friend. Crystals are never lost but they do find new friends when the time comes. In other words, one that you need to work with will be hard to lose and you will not be able to hold on to one that needs to go to someone else.

To trigger right-brained intuitive thought, simply hold the crystal in your non-dominant hand and study its tip. This works great when you are in a non-thought specific, day-dreaming mode. Vacations and lounging around a pool or on the beach are perfect times for this.

Crystals have a natural balancing and soothing effect, which explains some of their appeal. Humans know instinctively to go to the beach to soothe and balance themselves. Just like a puppy knows to eat grass when he is sick, humans instinctively know that the beach will make them feel better. The sandy beach is pure crystal silica, though less vibrant than larger pieces of quartz crystal.

The precise angle that natural quartz terminates in can be a key to unlock the mind. For those inclined to Jungian psychology, the natural quartz termination is like an archetype symbol to the unconscious. This specific angle, which is accurate within three decimal places, is also what causes quartz to aggravate its surface electrons, providing it with its special energy known as piezoelectricity.

To charge your crystal with the wisdom of a place, simply leave it there overnight. [If you are in Hawaii, preferably on black lava.] Then work with it in the above suggested manner, or leave it under your pillow for a few nights.

To avoid nightmares, pay attention to your na’au (gut feeling) toward the place that you have visited. Heiaus (sacred sites) are full of this information. Be thoughtful as to what may have gone on there. Caution: Do not disturb or take things from these places.

The closest thing in nature to quartz is the gray matter of the brain. When a crystal heats up in your hand or gives you chicken-skin, you are communicating with it, accessing its stored information or feeling its reaction to the environment.

The above is an excerpt from The Secrets & Mysteries of Hawaii by Pila of Hawaii, copyright 1995, Pila Chiles.

About the author

William “Pila” Chiles is a decorated Vietnam veteran with Fleet Marine Forces, Pacific, and survivor of a top secret experimental program in guerilla warfare. During a near-death combat experience, he witnessed a vision of the future, which led him to Hawaii. Today he is known for his psychic insights as a teacher of the Ancient Hawaiian Huna wisdom. He is the author of The Secrets and Mysteries of Hawaii and Hawaii: The Call to the Soul. His latest project is a revolutionary resort on the Kona coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, which he describes as the playground of the future, a place where people can rejuvenate and rediscover a sense of childlike innocence and wonder. For more information, please visit Pila’s website at www.mysticalhawaii. com.

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