Talking About Polarity Therapy

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by John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D.

One of the greatest challenges that we face as Polarity practitioners is telling others about Polarity Therapy. I have heard a lot of strange answers to the question: “What is Polarity Therapy?”

You could always give the old standby answer: “I don’t know and if I did know it wouldn’t be Polarity Therapy.” This reply is sure get you big points with your local Taoist community. You can give the scientific answer: “Polarity Therapy is polarizing the North/South magnetic poles of the body’s energy field to increase life energy.”

This reply will win points with your local magnet therapy group. You can give the spiritual answer: “Polarity Therapy helps you evolve through your chakras to reach higher states of vibration.” This reply will win points at you local ashram.

When talking about Polarity Therapy to the lay public, there’re a few important points to keep in mind.

Point one: Most people want an answer that relates to there personal life. They may have a stiff shoulder, problems at home or work, digestive problems, etc. and are looking for help. They want to hear that Polarity Therapy can help them.

Point two: Speak from you heart and show genuine concern in general terms. Make your answer broad enough so they can fill in the blanks. The more jargon you use the less likely you are to be understood. People are not interested in a course on Polarity Therapy, or as Fritz Perls says “understanding is the booby prize.”

Here is an example of a general conversation without jargon. Notice that the language is general and paces the person. I did not use the word energy, chakra, evolution, cranium, reflexology, etc. Anything can be substituted for digestion. The intent is to let the person know that Polarity Therapy works and will help them.

What is Polarity Therapy?

Polarity Therapy is a healing art that can help you with the problems and challenges of your life. We are trained in Polarity bodywork, communications, exercise, and nutrition.

Do you work with digestive problems?

Yes, Polarity Therapy works very well with problems of digestion.

How would you work with digestion?

I would evaluate what is going on and then use Polarity bodywork and communications, as well as, recommend foods or exercises.

I suggest you practice by writing down a general definition of Polarity Therapy for someone who has no understanding of the field. Remember if you want to solve a complex fraction always go to the lowest common denominator. Pretend you have to tell a Midwest truck driver who dropped out of high school and is complaining of back problems about Polarity Therapy.

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