Sound: A Tool For Transformation

Sound has an effect on our cells, and organs. Vibrating sounds from patterns which create energy fields resonate and move in the surrounding space. We absorb these vibrations which subtly changes our blood pressure, skin temperature and other internal rhythms.

In the book “The Mozart Effect”, by Don Campbell, it stated that music can create an enzyme in the saliva which can boost the immune system. Hans Jenny, a Swiss doctor describes how sound and vibration interacts with matter. Jenny shows how intricate geometric figures are formed by sound. He has created vibrations in crystals with electrical impulses and transmitted the vibrations to a medium such as a string. Jenny also produced oscillating figures in liquids, the forms and shapes that can be created by sound can be varied simply by changing the pitch, the harmonics of the tone, and the material that is vibrating. A low Om produces concentric circles with a dot at their center, a high EEE creates many circles with wobbly edges. These forms are changed when different tones are sounded.

Light and sound are part of each other, their frequencies intertwine in order to uplift and carry information to our subtle bodies. When using sound and color in our working on our bodies, you bring about a rearrangement of the molecular structure creating an opening for information to flow in. Because the skeletal form holds sensibility to frequencies, information is stored in our bones. One can, through sound, access the information held deep within our skeletal memories. Sound is a tool for transformation: it can penetrate any substance, move molecules, and rearrange realities.

Sound and color carry a certain frequency that the body recognizes. The body is keyed to respond to acceptability of the frequency. Color coded tuning forks can be used to direct a certain vibrational frequency into an area of the body. When the tuning forks are placed on a blocked area along a meridian line on the body it creates an opening for the natural flow of energy to continue. Sound brings about states of emotional feelings. When the sound penetrates areas within your meridians it connects ti the feelings and in turn allows you to bring in information behind the blockages or illness. These blockages can create havoc in all areas: the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

Healing is about you coming to a state of willingness, and co-creates with Great Spirit in order to connect the mistakes within the consciousness, and all levels of the body. When sound and light enters the body, it uplifts and raises our conscious awareness. As a child of God we come into this world perfect and complete just the way we are. Humans however drop down into a belief system, which causes imperfection within all levels of the emotional, mental, and physical bodies. Studies have shown that certain vibrations particularly coming from music can influence our over all sense of health.

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