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The Threat Hanging over Our Heads

Most Americans are not aware of a very powerful threat hanging over our heads. It’s not terrorism, oil shortages or some other political issue. The clearest and most pressing danger lies in the fact that every second American has at least one chronic illness as we speak, while 60 million people suffer from multiple chronic conditions. Despite advances in modern medicine our health is worse today than ever before in our history! There is no doubt that sickness affects us directly, causing untold suffering and hardship. I’m here to tell you how the situation got so bad and what you can do about it. Please read on.

In the year 2000, the U.S. population was 276 million. Nearly half of the population – 125 million Americans – lived with some type of chronic condition. About 60 million lived with multiple chronic conditions. Examples of chronic conditions are Diabetes, cancer, glaucoma and Heart Disease. The number of people with chronic conditions is growing at an alarming rate.

So Why Are We Sick?

I’ll be brutally honest here so there are no misunderstandings: We get sick because our lack of health is economically profitable for a lot of big companies and shareholders. Including:

* The food industry with all the ‘designer’ junk foods and beverages that hold no nutritional value and actually make us fat and sick
* All the polluting industries that fill our lives and bodies with harmful chemicals and Toxins
* The ‘sick care’ industry that figured out long ago that there’s a lot more money to be made in treating symptoms with drugs and surgeries in expensive hospitals than in patient education, prevention and natural medicine.

There’s a lot of money to be made in making and keeping us sick. As professor Paul Zane Pilzer explains in his best-selling book, The Wellness Revolution: “Incredibly powerful economic forces are preventing people from taking control of their health and actually encouraging them to gain weight – forces so powerful that nothing short of a revolution will be able to stop them.”

Since birth we’ve been bombarded with millions of ads that turn us into happily paying consumers of the very things that make us sick. Now the only way for us to become and stay healthy for life is to train ourselves to see through all the commercial deception and brainwashing, and learn how to be healthy. This is what we teach at the Global College.

We cannot expect a solution from those who don’t have our best interest at heart. We have to take matters into our own hands. And when we learn how to take care of ourselves and our loved ones, we learn something equally important at the same time: How to help the other half of the population that is constantly and chronically ill.

Wellness - The Biggest Opportunity of The 21st Century

Professor Pilzer defines the wellness industry as the next big boom that will revolutionize our lives.

“We are now at the very beginning of the next trillion dollar industry”, he writes in The Wellness Revolution, “an industry that will impact almost every aspect of our lives and achieve $1 trillion in sales within 10 years, but one that is as unknown today as the automobile industry was in 1908 or the personal computer industry was in 1981.

“In order to define the wellness industry and identify its opportunities, we must first distinguish it from a related industry based on some of the same technology – the current $1.5 trillion ( U.S. ) healthcare industry. … Healthcare is a misnomer, as this one seventh of the economy is really devoted to the sickness business… The sickness business is reactive. Despite its enormous size, people become customers only when they are stricken by and react to a specific condition or ailment. No one really wants to be a customer.

“In the next 10 years, an additional $1 trillion of the U.S. economy will be devoted to the yet-unnamed wellness business… The wellness business is proactive. People voluntarily become customers – to feel healthier, to reduce the effects of aging, and to avoid becoming customers of the sickness business. Everyone wants to be a customer of this earlier stage approach to health.”

Join The Revolution – Enroll with GCNM

As pointed out earlier, powerful forces are preventing us from taking control of our health and actually encouraging us to eat unhealthy, gain weight and smother ourselves in toxic chemicals. These forces are so powerful that only a revolution will be able to stop them.

Professor Pilzer: “The emerging wellness industry is as much a reaction to the tyranny of the sickness and the food industries as it is to every person’s desire for the freedom wellness offers. Wellness is the next natural step forward in our destiny and in the advancement of humankind.

“The revolutionary leaders in wellness are the entrepreneurs who grow and procreate wellness, the inventors who instigate wellness services and products, and the practitioners and distributors who carry the wellness message throughout society. Take your pick of how you want to be a leader of this new industry.”

Wellness or Sickness – Your Choice

The time has come to choose which side you want to be on: Wellness or sickness? We all have a purpose to serve on this beautiful planet. You can either choose to actively seek out solutions, continually nourishing your body and reviving your spirit – or you can remain passive about the potential perils lurking around us, gradually losing your life energy until sickness finally catches up with you.

If you don’t make a decision, the choice will be made for you by the financially motivated food, chemical and drug companies or by the media addicted to advertisement dollars. But will that serve your benefit?

Building Wealth through Promoting Health

The biggest opportunity of the 21st century has just begun, offering never-before-seen ways of building wealth through promoting health. Stake your claim in the coming natural health and wellness revolution! Learn about holistic nutrition, herbs and natural ways of keeping yourself and your family healthy or start a new career in this exciting field.

The Global College of Natural Medicine, as the global leader in natural health and wellness education, offers comprehensive courses that will start you on your way to a new professional career, but should that not be your ultimate goal at this time, the programs are affordable enough to be taken for self-enhancement.

Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) Home-Study program

Holistic healing will be the medicine of the future! As a Holistic Health Practitioner, you’ll be trained in many aspects of natural medicine, including Nutrition, Herbs, and various Mind/Body therapies. Learn how to nourish the body, pamper the soul and utilize the gifts of nature.

Nutritional Consultant (NC) Home-Study program

Find out how Holistic Nutrition can change your life, health, and career options forever. Food can be medicine or a death sentence. The choices we make now will affect our wellbeing for many years to come. As a Nutritional Consultant you’ll have the important task of educating others about nourishing their bodies for optimal health.

Master Herbalist (MH) Home-Study program

With the increasing popularity of herbs and Herbal Medicine, the demand is also growing for qualified Herbalists. It’s the perfect time to learn more about this exciting and rewarding field, not only to help others but also to enhance your own life and the lives of those around you.

Learning about Natural Health Will Change Your Life

Studying with GCNM can truly change your life for the better. We are always deeply touched when we hear the stories of transformation from our students. Michele (below) is a very special person who has overcome some incredible health challenges this past year as a result of the knowledge she gained from GCNM. She is now teaching nutrition classes and showing others how to turn their lives and health around. Below you will find a letter we received from her at the end of 2006 about her amazing accomplishments.

“How GCNM Has Changed My Life”

By Michele Monticciolo

“We should never underestimate the power of perseverance. What begins as a grain of sand, in time and with patience, becomes something as solid as a rock. This is what I was contemplating as I sat down today to consider my past year.

In this last year since beginning at GCNM, I have:

Reversed my Diabetic state completely. I have not been on any meds in months and my sugars are never over 120

Come off 17 medications not including incidentals and inhalers, only remaining now on 2 for my breathing issues and one inhaler

Naturally and effortlessly lost 30 pounds by eating in harmony with my own body’s chemistry. I am now about 167, and I am happy with this weight. I am healthy. If my body loses more, fine, but I am in a state of health now and satisfied

Avoided catching 2 stomach viruses, 2 separate exposures to Flu, 3 colds. Everyone around me caught these things, and me, who supposedly has the IMMUNE DISEASE, caught nothing. I have begun to support my Immune System and it is showing

Completely normalized my blood lipid levels, both Cholesterol and triglycerides, without meds of course. I used diet, exercise, colon cleansing, energy work, and nutritional changes/supplementation

Become interested in green homes and green living, and applying many concepts already, such as using only natural cleaners

Cleansed a VERY toxic colon and restored bowel health and function

Healed all rashes and scalp issues, both allergic and bacterial/fungal, and reinstated my skin’s healthy pH

Regressed a very large breast tumor and two other very serious breast issues and have Western medical proof on these things to boot

Began teaching classes and seeing clients, who are in turn healing themselves, completing the circle.

It is great to be part of the hum of life finally. I am truly following my bliss. Maybe I’m more rock than I thought…”


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