GCNM’s Nutritional Consultant Program

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Nutritional Consultants are trained in all aspects of nutrition and qualified to advise people on improving their health through diet and lifestyle.

Course Title: Nutritional Consultant

Course Duration: 500 hours (You have 12 months to complete this program)

Pre-Requisites: Applicants who do not hold a High School Diploma or Equivalent will be required to pass a basic entrance exam that will demonstrate their knowledge of English and basic math. If you do not hold a High School Diploma or Equivalent you can still enroll online today. Once you’ve completed the online enrollment form, you will be taken to the online entrance exam page. Please don’t let this entrance exam make you nervous as you will have an opportunity to see your score before submitting the results to admissions and you can retake the exam as needed. You will be required to obtain a 60% passing grade.

Further Studies: 80% of the tuition paid for this course can be applied towards the Holistic Health Practitioner Program.

The Home-Study Nutritional Consultant Program is divided into 12 comprehensive lessons covering every aspect of holistic nutrition.

What will I learn? What is this course about?

It is about becoming aware of subjects that could change your life, including Detoxification, holistic nutrition, physical fitness, alternative healing methods, weight loss and much more. This program is divided into 12 comprehensive lessons, covering every aspect of holistic nutrition. You will also gain hands-on experience by taking on 5 case studies of detailed lifestyle and diet analysis of people you know as part of your final assessment.

Once graduated, you can choose to call yourself a Nutritional Consultant, Nutrition Counsellor, Nutritionist or Weight Management Consultant among other titles. *

Not only will you gain the necessary tools to become a competent Nutritional Consultant but you will also do a great deal to improve your life and holistic outlook.

  • Since there are some states that have regulations for nutritional consultants (as to the educational requirements and the use of various occupational titles), we suggest that you check with your Department of Health to see if there are any applicable regulations.

Your Nutritional Consultant Certificate can be used on its own, or it can be used as a stepping-stone towards a Holistic Health Practitioner Certificate. The tuition you pay can be applied towards the Holistic Health Practitioner Program at any time if you wish to continue your studies with us.

Career possibilities for Graduates:

  • Starting your own nutritional consulting business.
  • Writing for health and nutrition publications, or writing books on health matters.
  • Lecturing or holding health seminars.
  • Marketing nutritional and health related products.
  • Owning, managing or working in a health food store.
  • Providing nutrition counselling in the health industry (e.g. working with doctors, chiropractors, or in hospitals, nursing homes, etc.).
  • Working as a Nutritional Consultant at a weight loss clinic, health club, spa or resort.
  • Working as a sports-nutrition counsellor for athletes or professional athletic teams.

Nutritional Consultant Program Curriculum

Module 1

Nutritional Consultant Program

BA11 Anatomy & Physiology: Detailed study of how the human body works, with a special focus on the digestive system.

TD12 Toxicity and Detoxification: An in-depth study of autointoxication, food and environmental pollutants, Candida albicans and Parasites. The importance of Detoxification is emphasized and the right tools are recommended for cleansing each part of the body.

DG13 Dietary Guidelines and Water: A comprehensive breakdown of nutritional do’s and don’ts. Students will learn about the optimum diet and how to customize special diets for specific conditions. The importance of water is discussed as well as the best type of water to consume.

PN14 Pediatric Nutrition: The special dietary needs of children are studied for each stage of their development. The student will be enlightened by the connection between nutritional factors and childhood illnesses and behavior.

Module 2

Nutritional Consultant Program

MT21 Medical Terminology: Learn the meaning of hundreds of medical terms. You’ll be able to use this as a source of quick reference when clients turn to you with medical jargon that is new to you. People today are much more informed about their conditions and forms of treatments, and it helps to be familiar with the medical expressions.

AHM22 Alternative Healing Methods: Alternative versus Conventional medicine will be discussed. The student will learn about different natural therapies that can be utilized, in place of, or in conjunction with allopathic medicine.

CA23 Common Ailments Prevention and Treatment: The most common ailments will be discussed, as well as traditional, nutritional and herbal treatments for each. The three big killers, Heart Disease, cancer and Diabetes, will be discussed in great detail.

WL24 Weight Loss: Fad diets and why they don’t work will be addressed, as well as other contributing factors, which inhibit weight loss. Students will learn about the ever-growing obesity problem in today’s culture and what’s behind such a huge increase in our weight. You’ll also learn how to recognize the signs of eating disorders and discover a new sensible look at weight loss.

Module 3

Nutritional Consultant Program

PF31 Physical Fitness: The importance of exercise will be looked at, as well as the best types of activities to engage in. Also, how exercise can prevent many of our modern-day diseases.

ON32 Orthomolecular Nutrition: A detailed study of Vitamins, Minerals, and nutritional Supplements.

BP33 Business Procedures: Learn how to set up your own practice and how to avoid any legal complications. Find out what you can legally say or do when dealing with your clients.

NP34 Nutritional Profiles

Case Studies: Students will get to engage in hands-on case studies of five people they know. They will perform a complete nutritional analysis, based on a questionnaire provided, and send in the results for grading.

Your study material includes the expertise of well-known leaders in alternative and integrative medicine, such as Dr. Andrew Weil, M.D and Patrick Holford. Learning from such well-respected experts will help ensure that you are receiving the most up-to-date and comprehensive information available. The study materials you receive once enrolled in the Nutritional Consultant Program include the following:

Published in 3 textbooks by the Global College of Natural Medicine:

Module I

  • Basic Anatomy
  • Toxicity and Detoxification
  • Dietary Guidelines and Water
  • Pediatric Nutrition

Module II

Module III

  • Physical Fitness
  • Orthomolecular Nutrition
  • Business Procedures

The following are complementary materials for the NC curriculum (included in the price of tuition):

Guide to Optimum Health — a comprehensive CD series by Dr. Andrew Weil, based on his best selling book. It provides students with a program for improving lifelong health, by making informed choices about food. You can listen to these tapes in the car, around the house or while exercising.

Candida Albicans, by Louise Tenney, M.H. — provides valuable nutritional guidelines on preventing the onset of Candidiasis and its health-debilitating effects.

Essential Fatty Acids, by Deborah Lee — Provides valuable information of the many functions of EFAs, their safety and the impressive research surrounding their uses.

Candida Questionnaire for your assessment

The Optimum Nutrition Bible, by Patrick Holford, the founder of the Institute For Optimum Nutrition. This is the most comprehensive book ever written on the subject of nutrition.

Diet For A New America — a revolutionary DVD presentation that will change your life. John Robbins explains how your food choices affect your health, happiness and the future of life on Earth.

Natural Medicine vs. Orthodox Medicine, by Karen Bradstreet — provides comparison between traditional and Alternative Medicine. Including their approaches to healing, their history and the benefits and drawbacks.

Chelation Therapy by C.M. Hawken — provides valuable research and information on how to effectively maintain Cardiovascular health, using natural Supplements as well as diet and exercise.

Natural Treatments For Diabetes, by R.N. Ellsworth — provides essential information on the type of Diabetes and symptoms, as well as dietary recommendations, useful Supplements and Herbs, other alterative treatment and recent research.

The Immune System, by Louise Tenney M.H. — provides vital information on the Immune System, as well as dietary recommendations, useful Supplements and Herbs, other alternative treatments and recent research for improving immunity.

Antioxidants, by Remi Cooper — provides valuable information on what Free Radicals are, what damage they create in the body and how antioxidants—including Vitamin E, Co Q10, and selenium—can help.

Listen to Your Body - It Can Tell You What You Need, by David Rowland, Ph.D. — a detailed questionnaire and manual that tells you exactly which nutrients you should be taking and what you should be avoiding. A great tool to help get your business started!

Legal Guidelines for Unlicensed Practitioners, by Lawrence Wilson, M.D.: How to practice holistic therapies or any unlicensed profession without legal problems. Includes disclaimer forms, disclosure and consent forms, discussion of how our legal system works, history of occupational licensing laws, problems with occupational licensing the ninth amendment and much more.

Human Anatomy Coloring Book By Margaret Matt: This practical exercise will help you to better understand human anatomy.

Additional Materials:

  • Study Guide
  • Laminated Nutrition Chart
  • Laminated Anatomy Chart of the Digestive System
  • Final Examination

What is a Nutritional Consultant?

A Nutritional Consultant is a person trained in all aspects of nutrition and qualified to advise people on improving their health through diet and lifestyle modifications. A Nutritional Consultant is able to evaluate a person’s nutritional needs through a thorough nutritional assessment based on current lifestyle and eating habits. A professional Nutritional Consultant recognizes that each person has different nutritional needs and is able to customize a unique plan for each client, based on up-to-date scientific principles and practical skills.

How long does it take to complete the program?

The amount of time varies from student to student. Some finish in 3-6 months, others take up to a year to complete their studies. You are required to complete this program within 12 months from the date of your enrollment.

Once I have completed the Nutritional Consultant Program, can I keep learning more?

Absolutely! Your Nutritional Consultant Certificate can be used on its own, or it can be used as a stepping-stone towards a Holistic Health Practitioner Certificate. The tuition you’ve paid can be applied towards the Holistic Health Practitioner Program if you wish to continue your studies with us.

Learn more about the Nutritional Consultant Program at GCNM!

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