Become a Certified ReflexAroma Therapist Through Home Study!

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ReflexAromas - the ’sister’ of Natural Holistic Health Blog - has developed several new courses in the holistic health care field for those who would like the opportunity to learn a healing modality at their own pace and in their own homes.

A Doctor of Reflexology with ReflexAromas is teaching classes with curriculum very similar to the Basic Certified Reflexology Course and the Introduction To Aromatherapy at a local community college.

ReflexAromas’ courses were developed by professionals in the Holistic Health Care field certified in the following modalities: Aromatherapy, Reiki, Tuning Fork Therapy, Color and Crystal Therapy, Homeopathy, Herbalism, and Reflexology.

RAADV-01 Advanced/Comprehensive Certified Reflexology Home Study Course - 63 modules (Certified ReflexAroma Therapist Course) - 750 hours

This course, which we call the Certified ReflexAroma Therapist Course, encompasses several healing modalities. We developed this course due to our belief in the efficacy of combining natural/vibrational therapies. When you combine color, Crystals, reflexology and aromatherapy, it simply works on more levels and therefore healing results are obtained in less time and are often much more dramatic.

The Advanced/Comprehensive Certified Reflexology Home Study Course includes full instruction on Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Color and Crystal Therapy and Anatomy and Physiology.


For the Reflexologist, the feet are a microcosm of the human body and every organ and body part is represented in the feet. Where there are two organs in the body they will be represented on both feet, e.g. lungs and kidney and where there is only one organ, this will be represented on one foot, e.g. the liver will be on the right foot while the heart will be on the left. Where the organ or body part is reflected in the feet, this is called the “organ” reflex, e.g. the heart reflex.

Stimulating, pressing or ‘working’ a reflex point (or button) connected to a particular body organ, system or part sends a surge of healing energy for prompt relief of a condition. Working a reflex also loosens and flushes out Crystals and blockages within the body’s energy channels allowing the life force or vital energy to resume its free and natural flow through the channels. This encourages the body to swing back into its normal balance, so harmony and health are again established.


Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment, the aim of which is to produce a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental sense of well-being through inhalation and massage of essential oils. Essential oils are derived from plants and are chosen for their particular therapeutic qualities that are stimulating, refreshing and sedative.

Aromatherapy is also referred to as the fragrant art of using socially selected aromatic oils for therapeutic purposes. It is one of the fastest growing complementary therapies in the world and is recognized as one of the most natural and holistic treatments available today.

Aromatherapy does not aim to treat disease. Its aim is to release feelings of well-being, harmony and improved mental and physical health.

Color and Crystal Therapy:

Each color vibrates at a specific, individual frequency, as do the glands and organs of the body.

Each color corresponds to a specific area of the body. Color vibrates true to frequency. It never deviates.

Color is like a vitamin. If you had a Vitamin C deficiency you would increase your intake of Vitamin C. If you had an excess of Vitamin C then you would decrease your intake of Vitamin C. Color works the same way.

As an example, if you need to Lose Weight, then increase the color blue in your life. Do you get Migraine Headaches? Then increase the color red or indigo in your life. What about depression? You can decrease the color indigo.

You can positively effect many areas of your life and health, through Color and Color Therapy.

Quartz Crystals have been used since ancient times as powerful healing objects and Meditation tools, and to make medicinal elixirs. Wise adepts have long known about their qualities and have used Crystals for powerful talismans and amulets. Throughout history people have valued the beauty of Quartz Crystals and have used them for ornamental decoration. References to Crystals are found in both the Old and New Testament, and in many other sacred teachings throughout the world.

You can learn how to handle and work with Crystals to heal yourself, others, and the Earth. Crystals have long been revered for use in magick, for psychic development, and to see into the “hidden dimensions” that permeate physical reality. It is said that crystal has the ability to rebroadcast energy from the Universal Mind so your “inner self” can pick it up, granting you heightened perception. A crystal is a focus for this knowledge and help, and it magnifies and transmits psychic energies and healing powers.

Why Healing With Color and Crystals? It is a safe nontoxic and effective alternative for healing.

Anatomy and Physiology:

For any natural health practitioner a solid working knowledge of how the human body works is essential. This course is included in our Basic Certified Reflexology Course and our Advanced/Comprehensive Reflexology Course. It is highly recommended to be purchased along with the Introduction to Aromatherapy Course and the Color and Crystal Therapy Course.


  • Module 1 - About reflexology, modern and ancient history
  • Module 2 - Ch’i, Energy, Meridians
  • Module 3 - Acupressure Points
  • Module 4 - Tissues, Cells, Skin
  • Module 5 - Skeletal System
  • Module 6 - Muscular System
  • Module 7 - Central Nervous System
  • Module 8 - Endocrine System
  • Module 9- Eyes and Ears
  • Module 10 - Digestive System
  • Module 11 - Respiratory System
  • Module 12 - Circulatory System
  • Module 13 - Lymphatic System
  • Module 14 - Urinary System
  • Module 15 - Reproductive System
  • Module 16 - Anatomy of the Feet
  • Module 17 - Pathology
  • Module 18 - Energetic Anatomy
  • Module 19 - Stress - Part 1
  • Module 20 - Stress - Part 2
  • Module 21 - Stress - Part 3
  • Module 22 - Health and Nutrition
  • Module 23 - Energy Zones
  • Module 24 - Contact With Clients
  • Module 25 - Fundamentals of Good Practice/Observation
  • Module 26 - Observation and Analysis of the Feet
  • Module 27 - Foot Relaxation Techniques
  • Module 28 - Reflexology Massage Techniques
  • Module 29 - Treatment Process - Part 1
  • Module 30 - Treatment Process - Part 2
  • Module 31 - In-Depth Reflex Work-out
  • Module 32 - Conditions and Situations
  • Module 33 - Auricular Therapy
  • Module 34 - Overview - Using Color to Heal
  • Module 35 - Color and the Chakras
  • Module 36 - Color Correspondences
  • Module 37 - Using a Pendulum
  • Module 38 - Color Breathing, Meditation, Visualization
  • Module 39 - Color/Chakra Correspondences/Balancing
  • Module 40 - Color/Condition Correspondences
  • Module 41 - Crystals - Why, Choosing, Cleaning, Charging
  • Module 42 - Crystal Meditation/Grids Part 1
  • Module 43 - Crystal Meditation/Grids Part 2
  • Module 44 - Care and Feeding of Crystals
  • Module 45 - - Stone Correspondences
  • Module 46 - Working With Crystals
  • Module 47 - Chakra Balancing/Building Crystal Tools
  • Module 48 - Crystals For Men, Women and Stress
  • Module 49 - Crystals For Children, Animals and Zodiac
  • Module 50 - Crystal Reflexology; Making and Using Gem Essences
  • Module 51 - Overview and History of Aromatherapy
  • Module 52 - The Sense of Smell, Emotions
  • Module 53 - Essential Oils
  • Module 54 - Carrier Oils, Top Note Oils
  • Module 55 - Middle and Base Note Oils
  • Module 56 - Single Essential Oil Profiles
  • Module 57 - Conditions To Oils
  • Module 58 - Aromatherapy and Pets
  • Module 59 - Blending For Common Conditions
  • Module 60 - Combining Forces: Aromatherapy & Reflexology
  • Module 61 - Health & Safety
  • Module 62 - Starting Your Practice
  • Module 63 - Codes and Ethics

Upon successful completion of this course (with a score of 80% or higher) and 150 hours logged of reflexology practice, you will have earned the titles of Certified Reflexologist (CR), Certified Color/Crystal Therapist (CCCT), and Certified Aromatherapist (CA) and will receive a beautiful Certification Diploma, suitable for framing, in each modality covered. We call this level of achievement a ‘ReflexAroma Therapist’.

You will be eligible for membership in the IRA (International Reflexology Association - http://hbs.imagroup...ociation=Reflexology) as well eligible to purchase liability insurance coverage through them.

You will also be eligible to apply for membership with the NAHA (The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy - as a professional member and eligible for membership in the IAA (International Aromatherapy Association - http://hbs.imagroup...ciation=Aromatherapy). Liability insurance coverage is available through the IAA as well as the IRA - you do not need both.

NOTE: If you are a practitioner in the medical field, I will waive the need for taking the Basic Anatomy and Physiology portion of this course upon receiving copies of your credentials.

A tutor will be available via email to answer any questions you may have.

The course can be received in two ways:

1) A cd with the modules and tests in PDF format can be shipped to you;

2) The modules can be emailed to you three at a time. Each time you complete the tests for the current three modules, a new set of three modules will be emailed to you.

You will be contacted after purchase to find out how you would like your course delivered. All tests for the course can be either emailed or snail-mailed to ReflexAromas.

Save over $150 when buying this one mega course!

Need to make payments? Please Email Us to set up payment arrangements!

RAADV-01 Advanced/Comprehensive Certified Reflexology Home Study Course - 63 modules (Certified ReflexAroma Therapist Course) - 750 hours

Payment plans are available, please Contact Us for more information!


We accept:

Legal Info: Products and information on this site are not intended to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any illness, disease, injury or condition and is for informational purposes only. Always seek medical attention and/or advice when suffering from any disease, illness, or injury, or before attempting any herbal, folk or traditional remedy. Keep all products away from small children. As with any natural product, essential oils can be toxic if misused. Remedies offered are not recommended for children under 3 years of age unless stated otherwise.


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