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Many of us have assumed that our DNA is something that is fixed and that we do not have the power to change it in any way. But a recent study by the Institute of HeartMath* has revealed some astounding results that run counter to this assumption.

In the study, research subjects attempted to influence DNA from human Placenta that had been isolated in sealed test tubes.** Their objective was to get the two strands that comprise human DNA to wind tighter or to unwind. Amazing as it sounds, in a statistically significant number of cases, the DNA did just what the research subjects wanted it to do.

How were these individuals able to successfully affect the behavior of DNA in a test tube? There were two necessary components:

The first was the presence of heart-centered feelings of love and appreciation on the part of the research subjects. When those feelings were absent, the DNA exhibited no apparent changes. But just TWO MINUTES of positive, heart-felt emotions directed towards the DNA was often enough to solicit the desired response.

The second important component was a clear intention on the part of the research subject for the change that he or she wanted in the DNA (winding tighter or unwinding.) Where research subjects did not hold a specific intention, no change was observed on the part of the DNA. This was true even when the research participant held positive emotions.

Incidentally, it also didn�t matter if the sealed test tube of DNA was placed in a glass beaker that the research participant could hold in his or her hands, or if the test tube of DNA was located a half mile away. In each case, the results were the same.

Just think. . . .if we can affect change in someone else�s DNA in a test tube located a half-mile away, imagine what we can do with our own DNA by pairing positive emotions and the intention for attaining and maintaining optimal health!

Here is a visualization for programming your own DNA to create a healthy, happy, vibrant body!

1. Find a comfortable position for your body, close your eyes, and begin to take slow, deep, relaxing breaths. Breathe into your heart. Focus on awakening deep love and compassion with every breath.

2. Feel gratitude for your body�the magnificent temple of your spirit. Your body is miraculous. It naturally strives to keep you in a state of perfect balance in every moment. Appreciate everything your body does for you. Appreciate your senses, and the joy they bring. Appreciate all of your cells for working in harmony with one another for your highest good.

3. Imagine that your heart is like a beautiful sun, beaming rays of love and light to every part of your body. Bask in the wonderful feeling of well being, as you sense this heartlight saturating the DNA in each cell.

4. Conjure an image that represents your intention for your body. For example, experience yourself doing something physical that invigorates and revitalizes you. Imagine yourself as strong, youthful, flexible, confident, healthy, and vibrant. Make that image as real as possible. Have fun with it. Get excited about it.

5. Imagine that you are communicating the image representing your intention for optimal wellness to your DNA, where it is being replicated and permanently recorded in each of your billions of cells. Affirm that any changes which occur as a result will be entirely positive and for your highest good.

6. Come back slowly and gradually. As you go about your daily life, be sure to look for opportunities to send your body love and appreciation.

� see:

**McCraty, Rollin, Mike Atkinson and Dana Tomasino �Modulation of DNA Conformation by Heart-Focused Intention,� HeartMath Research Center, Institute of HeartMath, Publication No. 03-008. Boulder Creek, CA, 2003.

About the author:

Eve Delunas a psychotherapist, speaker, author, and workshop trainer who has been using and teaching Guided Imagery techniques for over twenty-five years. I love helping you discover the power of your own imagination for healing yourself, transcending old limitations, and creating the life of your dreams.

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