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From Nursaholic.com:

Sometimes it is easy to forget, with the rigors of scientific medicine, that sometimes the whole person needs to be treated. With holistic medicine, the health of the patient involves spiritual, lifestyle, nutritional, emotional, mental, social and environmental aspects in addition to the physical. Holistic medicine can be used in a manner that is complementary to medical practices present in modern Western health care. Here are 50 blog resources that can help you learn a little more about holistic medicine:

General Holistic Medicine Blogs

If you are looking for more information on general holistic practices, here are some helpful blogs that can rovide you with an overview:

  1. About.com: Alternative Medicine provides a look at complementary medicine, including holistic practices.
  2. Alternative Medicine Zone offers overviews of different holistic medicine practices, and focuses on how you can be treated as whole person, rather than just your physical symptoms.
  3. Holistic Medicine Blog has posts on different types of holistic healing, as well as helpful hints for using holistic practices in your own life.
  4. Natural Holistic Health Blog gives the reader special hints on how to best use holistic remedies and practice to help improve one’s health.
  5. Phoenix Holistic Health Center has a blog devoted to helping readers understand the basics of holistic healing and overall health.

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