Hypnosis Can Help Me Stop Procrastinating? I’ll Call Later

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Let�s see, I have to pay the bills, some are already overdue; I will do it later. Oops, the oil in the car needed to be changed two months ago; I hate doing it, I will go tomorrow. I need to return books to the library, but I�m not in the mood right now. I need to do some laundry but I will do that right after I watch this T.V. program or play this game.

The boss expects the report tomorrow, and I haven�t even started it yet. I�m six months late for a dental appointment, and I�m still working on last year�s taxes. The cat should have had her shots last month, the video tapes are overdue and I�ll have to pay the fine, and the refrigerator is empty because I don�t want to go to the store in this heat.

Does any of this sound familiar? Good old-fashioned procrastination � that�s what it is � and many of us waste eons of time trying to put off what we should and do right now. What�s at the bottom of the procrastination? Poor time management? Anger? Resentment? Fear of failure? Fear of success? Fear that more will be expected of you if you get this done now?

Do you put things off because you have unrealistic expectations of yourself? Do you put things off because your schedule is already unmanageable? Do you feel so overwhelmed by your �to do� list that you don�t even know where to start?

Hypnosis is a tool that can help you work with the subconscious mind � the part of your mind that knows what the real deal is and why you do the things you do (or why you do not do the things you think you should do). Your subconscious mind, through hypnosis, can formulate a plan to help you reach your goals in your way. Hypnosis is a safe, powerfully successful way to deal with unwanted habits and behaviors.

It isn�t like what you see in the movies or on T.V. The truth is that in hypnosis, you are wide awake, know everything that is going on and you are in total control. You will not do, say or accept anything your do not want to do say or accept. Except that your are wonderfully relaxed, you really do not feel different than you usually feel.

Perhaps now is the time to pick up the phone and call a Hypnotherapist who can help you discover the root of the problem, replace some old programs and negative thinking with new positive programs and positive thinking, and help you build a plan of attack that works for you. You can drop the guilt that goes with the would-haves, could-haves, should-haves and ought-tos. And think of all the time you will have for doing what you want after you stop using time to figure out how to put things off.

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