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Healing Injuries Hypnosis Program

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Accelerate Your Body’s Natural Healing Powers

Expert Sports Psychologist, Dr. Jack Singer, will guide you through the same hypnosis session that he has used to help countless athletes rapidly recover from injuries.

Are you a Slow Healer?

It is common for athletes to lose their ability to heal quickly after enduring multiple injuries. Each injury has a compounding effect, causing your immune system and natural healing processes to slow down.

As you probably know, improper healing of your injuries can decrease your ability to compete at the desired level.

Being able to heal more quickly can help you compete at a higher level and give you a competitive advantage.

Even if you are not an athlete, the ability to heal faster from chronic injuries can provide you with a greater sense of well being.

Healing Faster, The Natural Way

Hypnosis is a safe, natural way for you to tap into your innate healing process. Hypnosis is so powerful that it is now being used in some instances to accelerate the healing process after major surgery.

In a recent study, researchers recruited 12 people with broken ankles who did not require surgery and who received the usual treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Half of the subjects received hypnosis afterwards - while the other half did not.

In order to achieve proper controls, “The same doctor applied the casts and other care, and the same radiologists took regular X-rays to monitor how well they healed. A radiologist who evaluated the X-rays did not know which patients underwent hypnosis.”

“The result stood out like a sore ankle. Those who were hypnotized healed faster than those who were not. Six weeks after the fracture, those in the hypnosis group showed the equivalent of eight and a half weeks of healing.”

Imagine being able to accelerate your natural abilities.

What You Can Expect

With this powerful hypnosis session, Accelerated Sports Healing, you will notice that you will heal faster from injuries. Although hypnosis is not a replacement for physical therapy, it will work as a great compliment to whatever recommendations your health care provider makes.

You will also notice a pleasant feeling of relaxation, as this method works by helping let go of anxiety and tension. It is not “creating” healing powers, but instead removing the blocks that have been getting in the way of your natural ability to heal faster.

An additional benefit of this session is that it helps to strengthen your immune system which is a prerequisite to accelerated healing.

Although this program is designed to help athletes heal faster, it can help anyone recover from an injury at an accelerated pace.

Why This Program?

First of all, it works:

“Dr. Singer, you have touched my life in ways I would not have thought possible. Listening to your CD series not only eradicated my back pain, but it became completely healed (which the doctors said would only happen through surgery). I was back mountain climbing within a matter of a few short weeks! Thank you so much…you are the greatest!”

–Richard Matta, Mountain Climber, Las Vegas, Nevada

Secondly, you will not find it anywhere else. Dr. Jack Singer created this program exclusively for The Hypnosis Network.

And finally, whenever you buy any kind of hypnosis program you need to be very careful about its source. Hypnosis is an unregulated profession, and there are plenty of people out there selling hypnosis products of questionable value.

For instance, when you are researching someone who is practicing hypnosis, be wary of people who claim a “Doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy.” There is no such thing.

Furthermore, if a person claims that they are a Clinical Hypnotherapist and will not provide you with any educational background information, they are most likely hiding the fact that they have no formal education in a mental-health related field.

At The Hypnosis Network, every one of our therapists has a doctorate in a health care discipline. All are world-leading experts in their field.

Who is Dr. Jack Singer, and what are his credentials?

Dr. Singer is uniquely qualified to create this program for you. In addition to earning a Diplomate in Behavioral Medicine from the American Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Jack Singer, Ph.D., (Dr. Jack) maintains a special certification in clinical hypnosis from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Dr. Singer is one of only a dozen or so sports psychologists around the U.S. who has this Clinical Hypnosis Certification and is recognized by the National Institute of Sports as a Certified Sports Psychologist (CSP). The Institute also honored Dr. Jack as a Diplomate Mental Health Service Provider in the field of Sports Psychology. This honor is bestowed only on one-half of one percent of the Sports Psychologists who apply for it.

Dr. Singer regularly appears as a guest on sports talk radio and television shows around the U.S., including FOX Sports, ESPN, and the XTRA Sports in Southern California.

By the Way, This Program is Completely Risk Free

We offer a full year’s money back guarantee because we want you to KNOW that ordering from us is completely risk free. If you don’t think the results are worth the money you paid, simply ask us for a full refund on the purchase price.

Accelerated Sports Healingis a 1-CD program:


* Introduction to Accelerated Healing
* Accelerated Sports Healing

Learn more about Accelerated Sports Healing.

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