Home remedy for insomnia

Humans need at least 7-8 hours of sound sleep every 24 hours, to remain mentally alert and physically active during work hours. Older people may sleep less at night and have small naps during the day to fulfill the body’s requirement of sleep. But getting a restful sleep is not something that everyone enjoys. There are many people who suffer from insomnia either due to a physical disturbance or a mental turmoil.

Taking sleeping pills to cure insomnia is just a temporary solution. To add to that it is also a dangerous one. Short term or long term use lead to psychological dependence and addiction. It is advisable to try out some home remedies before you pop in the pill to induce sleep. Home remedies are based on natural processes and products and can at times be extremely helpful in inducing sleep.

If your physical activity levels during the day are low, you are liable to develop what is known as a Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). Uneasiness in the legs makes it difficult for the brain to rest. This can keep you from getting a restful sleep. Increasing physical activity helps in better sleep. If you cannot find time to go to the gym in the evening, try and make adjustments in your work schedules. Make better choices – take the stairs when you can, get up on your own instead of using the internal extension numbers. Small changes like this will automatically increase your activity levels, reducing the chances of a RLS.

Sometimes too many challenges in a day at work can agitate the mind to an extent that shedding those thoughts become difficult. A long walk in the evening can relieve stress. It also tires you a little; just enough to let you sleep peacefully.

There are specific yogic postures that can help in relaxing the mind and body. These postures do not put too much pressure on the muscles. Deep breathing coupled with some simple postures have contributed significantly in helping insomnia patients.

A cup of hot milk, preferably with honey and a pinch of cinnamon, acts as a natural sedative if taken at bedtime. Honey has been known to be effective in bringing on sleep. Two teaspoons of honey in warm water before bedtime can do the trick in many cases.

Just as some foods help in restful sleep, there are others that can have the opposite effect. The caffeine content in coffee and caffeinated colas stimulates the mind and can keep you awake for long periods. A heavy dinner will also lead to a situation where sleep does not come easy. This happens due to the fact that the digestive system requires time to digest food. Avoiding caffeine and choosing to have a light dinner are advocated if you want to ensure a good night’s sleep.

A warm bath just before going to bed has been a favorite home remedy among many. A hot bath can change the body temperature and therefore assists in the relaxation process.

If you have brought your worries from office to home it is most likely that you will find it difficult to sleep. Learn how to turn off your mind by meditation, relaxation techniques and positive thinking. It is a time tested home remedy for insomnia.

Insomnia is almost always a symptom of an underlying medical condition. Some of the major reasons behind insomnia are mental conditions like clinical depression and bipolar disorder. Natural remedies for depression is also an option that you can choose. Treating depression naturally helps you avoid all the side effects that come along with antidepressants and mood elevators. Since insomnia is a significant symptom of depression, treating depression can help you rid yourself of sleepless nights.







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