Quick Reference Guide for Herbal Supplements

It seems that the use of herbal supplements is becoming more and more popular with every passing day. The range of issues you can effectively treat with them is very wide, and usually with a much lower impact on the rest of your body than chemical, manufactured treatments.

Of course, as with any sort of medicine, you should consult with a qualified professional, but this article will serve as a quick-reference list for some of the most common herbal supplements, and what they are used for.

Black Cohosh – a very common herb, Black Cohosh is primarily used for menstrual-cycle issues, such and painful menstruation and estrogen replacement therapy at menopause, as it has an effect which is similar to estrogen.

Cayenne – not as widely known as an herbal supplement, but certainly widely used as a spice, Cayenne pepper has been reported to help with a variety of problems, most notably most digestive issues, and circulatory issues.

Chamomile – perhaps one of the most widely used of all herbal treatments, Chamomile is used primarily as a relaxing tea, to help with pain and fatigue and help lull the user into sleep. However, it is also anti-inflammatory, can help increase the rate of healing, and can help reduce swelling.

Cranberry – a fairly widely used remedy for bladder and urinary tract infections.

Echinacea – an incredibly widely-used supplement, most often taken to treat the common cold and the flu, and many symptoms associated with them, such as cough, sore throat, and fevers. However, it is also a good general immune-system booster.

Evening Primrose – fairly commonly used oil-supplement most often taken to treat arthritis, eczema, PMS, cardiovascular problems, and even hyperactivity in children.

Feverfew – an herbal supplement most often used as a pain-reliever, especially for migraine headaches and menstrual cramps. Also used for the treatment of colds, asthma, psoriasis and eczema, toothaches, and muscle pain.

Garlic – widely used as both spice and supplement, Garlic has a wide range of benefits. It is most often used for cardiovascular issues like high cholesterol and arteriosclerosis, but also as a powerful immune system booster, to reduce blood sugar levels, and to help relieve menstrual pain.

Ginger – a lesser-known as an herbal supplement, but highly useful; it is wonderful for combating nausea, especially morning sickness. It is also an anti-inflammatory and an analgesic, as well as reportedly being good to combat motion sickness(some studies say it even works better than Dramamine for this). Those taking it to combat morning sickness, however, should be cautious, as some sources list is as a possible abortifacient if taken in very large quantities (as in, an excess of 15 or more cups of tea a day).

Gingko Biloba – widely used and most commonly known as a supplement to improve memory. It also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and increases metabolism efficiency.

Ginseng – widely used as an anti-stress treatment, as well as a stamina and energy booster. It also has anti-inflammatory and possible aphrodisiac qualities.

Goldenseal – popular for its immune-system boosting and antiseptic qualities, this supplement is also often used to treat colds or flu. It can also be used to treat irregular menstruation, diarrhea and other digestive issues, and poor circulation. It is also popular for supposedly obscuring illegal drugs in urine tests, but this usage is questionable at best in its efficacy.

Grape Seed – a lesser-known supplement right now, but it is swiftly gaining popularity. It has been reported to help with a wide variety of skin conditions, arthritis, some allergies, and varicose veins; as well as having anti-inflammatory and potentially anticancer properties.

Green Tea – widely used, this herb is most useful to combat fatigue, lower cholesterol and generally improve cardiovascular health, and help in weight loss. It may also help prevent tooth and gum decay, and there is some evidence that it may help against certain forms of cancer.

Hawthorn – this supplement is useful in treating nearly any heart or cardiovascular ailment, as well as helping against insomnia, miscarriages, and to strengthen muscles.

Kava – also known as KavaKava. Most often used to treat anxiety, stress and nervous tension.

Licorice – a popular herb that is gaining popularity as a health supplement, it is most often used to treat coughs and other throat complaints, and digestive issues.

Milk Thistle – often used to help protect the liver, and stimulate regeneration from liver damage.

St. John’s Wort – a common supplement used to treat depression and anxiety. Also useful for upset stomach and insomnia.

Uva Ursi – also gaining popularity for help in treating bladder and urinary tract infections.

Valerian – very popular to help aid in sleeping; also useful to alleviate muscle spasms.

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