Naturally increase your milk production and flow for easy breastfeeding

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What are the benefits of Breastfeeding?

Deciding whether to Breastfeed your baby is an important decision as it will dictate your routine once the baby is born and will affect your child’s health in the future.

New mothers want to give their babies the very best of everything and Breast Milk can’t be beaten as a perfect first food for your child.

Modern research has shown that Breast Milk is the perfect nourishment for babies as it not only contains all the nutritional requirements in ideal proportions, but also provides protection from disease and illness in the form of antibodies from the mother’s own Immune System.

Babies who have been Breast-Fed have been shown to be healthier and have fewer infections, Allergies, general medical problems and hospital admissions than those who are bottle (formula) fed. Breastfeeding is also a wonderful way to bond with and feel close to your new baby.

What if I am having trouble Breastfeeding?

Nursing your infant does not always come as naturally and easily as one would hope and many women have difficulties learning the art of breastfeeding. Sometimes the problem lies in technique. In this case, a breastfeeding consultant is usually on hand at birthing centers to get you on the right track.

However, sometimes new mothers feel that they don’t have enough milk for their baby’s needs or that the milk is not flowing easily. This can become a distressing problem, especially when your child is hungry and suckling with all his/her might to no avail.

Are synthetic drugs safe?

Many doctors prescribe certain varieties of synthetic antidepressants or digestive medicines to mothers trying to increase the production of milk because they have the known side effect of increasing Lactation.

While these drugs can be effective, they have not been specifically formulated to increase Lactation, which means their use for this purpose has not been scientifically assessed.

Besides the ’side effect’ of increasing Milk Production, other side effects have been documented. It is therefore our opinion that the use of synthetic drugs, especially during nursing, needs to be carefully considered and researched before a decision is made - especially when there are safer alternatives.

What are Natures Milk Drops?

Natures Milk Drops are a 100% Natural Remedy containing herbal ingredients specially chosen for their abilities to increase the production of Breast Milk and promote healthy flow.

Regular use of Natures Milk after delivery will help to get your breastfeeding routine running smoothly as soon as possible, helping both you and your baby to enjoy the special health and emotional benefits that breastfeeding brings!

Use NaturalEco Natures Milk Herbal Drops to:

* Increase Production of breast milk
* Promote the healthy flow of milk
* Reduce environmental pollutants passed into breast milk
* Naturally balance the blood sugar
* Act as a digestive tonic for mother and baby and to prevent Constipation

Natures Milk Drops contain the following proven ingredients:

Galega officinalis is a naturopathic “galactogogue” which encourages both the beginning of Milk Production after Childbirth and increases total milk volume. This ingredient is also good for balancing blood sugar and is thus of particular use to women with Diabetes or Insulin resistance.

Silybum marianus (Milk Thistle) has been used since ancient times for treating a variety of ailments and is most widely known for its positive effects on liver functioning and breastfeeding. Milk Thistle is excellent for promoting the production of breast milk in nursing mothers and, due to its liver tonic properties, has also been shown to reduce the amounts of synthetic substances from the environment, like pollution and pesticides, in mothers’ milk.

Trigonella foenum-graecum (Fenugreek) is one of the oldest medicinal herbs and has documented use in Ancient Egyptian history and Chinese Traditional Medicine. Fenugreek seed has been used to increase Milk Production since biblical times as it contains phytoestrogens, which are natural plant chemicals that mimic female hormones. Fenugreek has been clinically shown to increase a nursing mother’s milk supply within 24 to 72 hours after first taking the herb.

Borago officinalis (Borage) is a soothing, anti-inflammatory herb excellent for women recovering from Childbirth. It also stimulates the flow of breast milk and acts as a digestive tonic to prevent digestive problems such as Constipation.


‘I was very worried about whether I would be able to Breastfeed successfully as I have seen how some of my friends with babies had to give up because their milk just didn’t seem to be enough. I know they always say to keep trying but I think it just became too frustrating and traumatic for them to see their babies hungry and not being able to feed them properly.

I really wanted my son to have all the advantages of breastfeeding and decided to try your Natur’s Milk Drops. I was really thrilled with the results as I seemed to have a good supply of colostrum, and then milk, from the outset. The relief of being able to bond with my child in this special way without the anxiety and difficulties I was expecting was great. Thank you so much for a natural product that really works!’ Anita P.

‘Your Nature’s Milk Drops are fantastic- for the first few days after giving birth I had very little milk and was beginning to feel stressed out and desperate. My midwife recommended your product and within 48 hours my milk flow really took off! Thanks for such a great range of products that really help women like me!’ Caitlin, GA

How do I use Natures Milk Herbal Drops?

Add approximately � cup of just boiled water to 15 drops of tincture and allow to cool. Drink as is or diluted further in juice. Use three times daily.

What else can help?

If you are having trouble breastfeeding, first know that you are not alone. Breastfeeding is a skill to be learnt and doesn’t come naturally to many women. Problems with latching your baby, technique and milk volume are extremely common. A breastfeeding consultant will be able to help you with difficulties of technique and positioning as well as provide support, advice and encouragement.

If your milk supply seems low, perseverance is also key as the frequent suckling action of your baby nursing will actually stimulate your body to produce more milk.

Try to get as much rest as possible by sleeping when your baby is taking a nap. Make resting your priority and don’t worry too much about housework at this stage.

Pay attention to your diet and nutrition levels. This is especially important if you are breastfeeding. Eat plenty of fresh, nutritious and raw fruit and vegetables, sufficient good quality Protein and healthy non-processed carbohydrates. Don’t forget to drink at least 8 glasses of preferably filtered or natural spring water daily. Avoid caffeine, chocolate, excess sugar and alcohol.

The investment into getting it right will be worth it in terms of the future health of your child as well as the opportunity to create that special, deep bond with your baby.

Natures Milk Drops are manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Individual ingredients are well-researched, natural, safe and effective.

Natures Milk Drops are backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee so you can experience relief risk-free.

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