Herbs Can Help Speed The Healing Process

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All about healing

Healing after surgery, injury or Childbirth (including Caesarean birth) can be a slow and painful process. Depending on the extent of the injury or operation, this can take days or even months. There may be internal or external wounds and Bruising - or even (in the case of injury) broken bones and damaged organs.

Healing is a process which takes place on many levels - physically and psychologically. Connective tissue, blood vessels and nerve fibers have to restore themselves and regenerate. White blood cells have to remove infection and red blood cells have to bring oxygen rich blood and nutrients to the surrounding area. Rest is important - as is a peaceful and positive mind. Effective pain control helps to make the person comfortable, prevents Stress and permits healing rest.

How can Natural Remedies help?

Our bodies have an inbuilt ability to heal themselves which is one of the greatest miracles of nature! Provided that we receive proper care and nurturing, healing will take place by itself.

Natural Remedies can harness the body’s innate healing mechanisms, speeding up the healing process while also providing pain relieving, anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Best of all, they can do this without the side effects and complications sometimes associated with many prescription drugs.

What is RealHeal Plus?

RealHeal Plus is a unique herbal and homeopathic complex formula containing ingredients chosen for their rapid healing, pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

RealHeal Plus is taken internally to promote faster and more comfortable healing. It is effective in speeding up the healing process after surgery, Childbirth (including Caesarean birth) or injury, and will also promote Faster Healing of Bruising.

RealHeal Plus tablets may also be effectively used along with our RealHeal Plus Massage Oil - used topically to soothe and promote surface healing.

What are the ingredients of RealHeal Plus?

RealHeal Plus contains the following ingredients in our unique herbal and homeopathic complex formula:

Arnica D6: - is a highly respected ingredient in Homeopathic Medicine and has powerful anti-inflammatory and tissue healing properties. It is used extensively to treat shock, injury and for post-operative care and also helps to control bleeding. It is often prescribed to help with post-Childbirth pain, as well as joint and muscle pain and Fever. Although this herb is potentially toxic in its raw state and is therefore only used externally, homeopathic manufacturing methods ensure that Arnica is safe to use internally.

Filipendula almaria: - also known as Meadowsweet, is a herb which has been used for centuries by herbalists to treat Fever and pain. Modern science reveals that this herb contains salicylates - a natural chemical similar to the pharmaceutical aspirin. Unlike, aspirin, however, Meadowsweet has pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties without side effects such as stomach ulcers and the risk of Reynaud’s Disease, associated with the use of pharmaceutical aspirin.

Magnesium phosphoricum D6: - is a biochemic tissue salt found naturally occurring in the body. It is known as the ‘homeopathic aspirin’ due to its unique pain killing and curative properties and is also an effective muscle relaxant, preventing and treating spasms and cramps and promoting relaxation.

Symphytum officinale: - also called Comfrey, contains allantoin - a chemical which encourages bone, cartilage and muscle cells to grow. This explains why Comfrey is called ‘knitbone’ by traditional healers, helping to heal wounds and injuries of all kinds.

Matricaria recutita C6: - is known for its soothing, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.

lactose: - (inactive ingredient)

(RealHeal Plus contains no gluten, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives)

How has RealHeal Plus helped others?

“I used RealHeal Plus after my knee op and found that I was quickly back on my feet again in more ways than one! It helped to reduce the swelling very quickly as well as with the pain and I was really surprised at how quickly I recovered. I can recommend this remedy for anyone who has had to undergo surgery. ” Angela Fourie

“I was involved in a car accident A.D.H.D.broken bones as well as terrible Bruising all over my body. I was recommended your products and used the RealHeal Plus tablets and the RealHeal Plus massage oil every day. Everyone was surprised at my recovery, especially the swelling and bruising which cleared so quickly I could hardly believe it! Even though the accident was very traumatic for me, I also felt that the remedies helped to calm me and soothe my nerves which were in a very bad way after my terrible experience! Thanks for your help in my time of need!” R.B.

“I used RealHeal Plus after my hip replacement and I can only say thank you for helping me with my recovery. I was very worried about a long and painful recovery time and even my doctor remarked on how quickly the swelling went down and how fast the wounds healed.” Mary F.

How do I use RealHeal Plus?

RealHeal Plus comes in small lactose tablets that are dissolved or chewed in the mouth.

While you may begin using RealHeal Plus directly after accidental injury, it is recommended that the remedy be started the day after surgery or childbirth. Do not use prior to surgery.


Acute: Dissolve 2 tablets under the tongue in a clean mouth every 1/2 hour for up to 10 doses. (This dosage is recommended for the first day after surgery. Thereafter the chronic dose may be taken until healing is established)

Chronic: Dissolve 2 tablets under the tongue in a clean mouth 2 - 3 times daily.

Caution: Safe for all ages. However, safety during Pregnancy and Breastfeeding has not been established.

Note: For even better results, use with RealHeal Massage Oil.

How long till I see results?

A much faster and easier healing process will be noticed compared to those who do not use the remedy. Many doctors comment on the speed of healing using this remedy.

How long does one bottle last?

One bottle of RealHeal Plus should last approximately 3 - 4 weeks.

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