Bite and Sting Poultice

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Combine the tincture, water and Lavender essential oil.

Add this mixture to the Clay, stirring slowly as the liquid is absorbed. The resulting paste should be tacky enough to adhere to the skin. Apply directly to bite as needed.

Store this remedy in a container with a tight fitting lid, so that the mixture will not dry out. If it does dry out, stir in enough distilled water to turn it back into a paste.

You must remember, though, that applying a poultice is only the first step in treating the bites and stings that might cause an allergic reaction.

Give anyone who is susceptible to the reactions half a teaspoon of Echinacea tincture every ten minutes.

You must remember though, that allergic reactions can have serious consequences. If you know someone is allergic to a bite or sting from a particular insect, do not depend solely on herbal First-Aid… immediate medical attention is required. Wheezing, swelling and hives are all indications of a serious, possibly fatal problem that requires immediate medical attention.

Recipe from: “Herbs for Health and Healing” by Kathi Keville.


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