FDA Approves Un-natural Act!

by Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life

I got quite a shock this morning when I read a news item about the FDA approving a new drug called Lybrel developed by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals.

This drug is a new oral contraceptive pill. The standard contraceptive pill is bad enough in that it has been linked long term to breast cancer and other health issues, but this one potentially could be a lot worse!

Why? Well it works by suppressing the females menstrual cycle…totally!!

Turning a normal event into a medical condition and developing a drug to suppress it, is in my opinion going against the laws of nature and as such inevitably something will ‘give’ in those women who are persuaded to take it…and I am sure that there will be many who will.

I can just imagine now the warm and fuzzy adverts telling you how you no longer have to experience the discomfort of your monthly periods. All you have to do is pop a pill each day and your life will be ‘rosy’.

Well, it doesn’t work that way in reality. Any relief from removing period discomfort is bound to be replaced by something many times worse, in time. Whether it is depression, sexual dysfunction or even worse, cancer!

Nobody knows what the long term effects of forcing the body to cease a natural function will be.

I will go on record that at some time in the future that this drug will be withdrawn. It may take 20 years before all the evidence of the flow on dangers from this drug becomes so strong that it removal from the market will be forced.

But, what the heck…during that time there have been billions of dollars made so who really cares?

Well, I do and if you are a female and are tempted to take this drug think hard and long about whether you really do need it.

If you are considering it because you experience significant menstrual discomfort each month then there are natural ways which can help alleviate it. Our Female Rejuvenator is one effective method. Even better if it is taken with the Total Balance Womens Plus!

This is typical of the comments that we get from customers who take the Female Rejuvenator.

“I started taking Female Rejuvenator about 2 weeks ago. I have had very painful menstruations for 26 years. The last one was, for the first time ever, pain free, PAIN FREE!!! I never thought that would be possible for me. I thought you might like to know this and you are more than welcome to put it on the website!”
Anne, NZ

Of course these products are not contraceptives. How you handle this if needed is obviously a personal decision, but there are better ways of contraception that suppressing your period.

Read more on this new birth control pill here: http://news.yahoo.c...me/new_birth_control

Warren Matthews of Xtend-Life

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