Effective natural remedy to promote healing and recovery after childbirth

Recovery from childbirth

Pregnancy, labor and childbirth all put a strain on your body and general physical condition. Your body has gone through numerous changes in the last several months and needs to recover from the trauma of childbirth. It will gradually regain its pre-pregnancy state over approximately 6 weeks following delivery. This period is called the “postpartum period”.

Women who have had a normal vaginal delivery may be up and about after a few days, although their bodies will take several weeks to complete the healing process. For those who have had a Caesarean birth, recovery will take longer due to the after-effects of surgery and the wound-healing process.

Pain after childbirth may take the form of sharp, contraction-like �after-pains� as the uterus shrinks to its normal size, sore muscles, pain, discomfort or numbness in the vaginal area, difficulty with urination and bowel movements and in some cases, pelvic and hip pain due to movement and destabilization of the bones.

While rest and time are the best healers, a little natural help can go a long way to provide relief and speed up the healing process!

What are Natural Eco’s Birth-Heal Tablets and how can they help me?

NaturalEco Birth-Heal tablets are specially formulated to relieve the pain and discomfort experienced after labor, childbirth or a Caesarean section, increase the rate of healing, ease digestive problems and calm frazzled nerves.

Birth-Heal Tablets are a 100% natural remedy containing herbal, homeopathic and tissue salt ingredients for promoting quick and easy recovery from childbirth. Due to their specially chosen ingredients and unique manufacturing method, Birth-Heal tablets are safe to use by nursing mothers.

Use NaturalEco’s Birth-Heal Tablets to:

* Speed up recovery from labor and childbirth
* Promote healing of perineal damage from the inside out
* Relieve the aches and pains experienced after labor
* Assist with healing after a Caesarean birth
* Relieve digestive discomfort and prevent constipation
* Impart a sense of calm and relaxation

Birth-Heal lactose tablets contain the following proven ingredients:

Silica is essential in the maintenance of healthy and strong skin and connective tissue. Used by the body for rebuilding damaged tissue it also stimulates cell metabolism, improving elasticity and reducing scarring.

Arnica (6C) is a healing homeopathic preparation used widely to treat sprains, muscle aches, bruising, inflammation and other conditions related to surgery, trauma or overexertion.

Mag. phos. is a biochemic tissue salt that acts as an antispasmodic and pain-reliever which is especially useful for afterpains and will also effectively treat digestive discomfort including cramps, flatulence and hiccups. Mag Phos also prevents constipation- a common postpartum complaint.

Passiflora incarnata also called Passion Flower, can relieve anxiety and induce a sense of calm and tranquility as well as reduce the pain experienced after childbirth. Passiflora is also valuable for its balancing effects on blood pressure.

Angelica sinensis (Don Quai) acts as a hormone regulator and is indispensable in bringing the hormones into balance after pregnancy and childbirth. This herb is highly respected in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It acts as a tonic herb for the reproductive system, addressing the overall health of your reproductive organs. Don Quai also helps to treat PCOS, irregular periods and the symptoms of estrogen dominance.

Lactose (inactive ingredient)


‘I can’t believe how quickly I was up and about after the birth of my daughter! I really think that Birth-Heal Tablets are the reason I bounced back so quickly after a long and traumatic labor. It was great to be able to really enjoy my little ones first few days of life feeling so well! As usual your products don’t disappoint!!!’ Laurie, VT

‘I just wanted to let you know how wonderfully effective I found your Birth-Heal Tablets for my recovery from childbirth. I had a third degree tear which I was assured would keep me in pain and out of action for at least a month. I also heard of all the ghastly complications and became very apprehensive. I used your NaturalEco Birth-Heal Tablets and the Easiotomy Cream, and I must say that the doctors were amazed at how well I healed and recovered. I am so grateful that I didn’t have to go through the seemingly-endless pain and inconvenience that everyone else expected. Thank you so much for a wonderful natural remedy that really works!’ Joy T., UK

‘I recovered so quickly after my caesarian that my husband thought I was being brave when actually I felt good and ready for action after about a week! I heard about arnica helping to heal after operations and I was so glad to find a product that was especially for pregnancy and a caesarian when I searched on the internet. This has really helped me so much I wanted to write and tell you, so thanks for giving me this opportunity. I know I will be using more of your remedies next time round as I did not know about them before during my pregnancy unfortunately. My sister has just found out that she is pregnant and I was happy to tell her about your remedies. She is thrilled because she likes the natural options. Thank you again!’ Miralda

How do I use Birth-Heal Tablets?

Suck two tablets in a clean mouth every two hours after the birth. Thereafter suck 4 tablets in a clean mouth three times a day for 5 days.

Caution: Not for use during pregnancy, prior to giving birth or before surgery.

Tip: Use together with our Easiotomy Cream for superior postnatal healing.

What else can help?

Every woman’s experience of childbirth is different and the recovery period will vary depending on a number of factors. The most important things that can affect recovery after childbirth are mode of delivery- vaginal or Caesarean section, episiotomies and tears and general physical health before delivery.

One of the most important things to aid your recovery is rest. This may seem ironic as you have never had less time to do just that in your life!

Try to rest whenever the baby has a nap or when your partner or other family member is around to watch the baby for awhile. Your body and mind will use the time you spend resting to repair and rejuvenate itself, allowing you to recover quickly.

Although it is vital to rest, it is also important to get up and about as soon as you can. Apart from the activities that are part and parcel of having a new baby (like pushing a stroller and carrying your baby around the house) you should also aim to do some gentle stretching. Swimming and walking are also excellent - but don’t overdo it!

The time after you have had your new baby is filled with family and friends visiting and coming to meet the new addition to the family. Although they are showing their love and concern for you, this can become a burden if you are not prepared for it.

When your loved ones come around, get them to help you by doing small tasks or errands or ask them to watch the baby while you do the things you don’t usually get a chance to do.

This is not the time to try and play the perfect hostess as your own health, well-being and sanity will suffer and it is vital that you look after yourself as well as your new little one at this special time.

Birth-Heal Tablets are manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Individual ingredients are well-researched, natural, safe and effective.

Birth-Heal Tablets are backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee so you can experience relief risk-free.

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